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Pink Lemonade Classroom Design Kit

The first of our back to school kits is so fresh and so clean, and that’s why we love it!  The Pink Lemonade Classroom Design and Organization Kit is the perfect way to start a new, fresh, and exciting school year!

The kit includes lesson plan templates, label templates, desk name plates, table and center signs, word wall cards, alphabet headers, over 20 organizational binder covers, a behavior chart, parent communication form, alphabet banners, and more.  Your classroom will be an organized and stylish trendsetter for sure!

 The classic lemonade stand creates a perfect classroom reading nook. It’s a bright and cozy area that creates a sweet spot for students to read.  Instead of ice cold cups of lemonade, students are served up anything from classic books to the newest novel craze.  A well organized room, and one with creativity and unique areas make children feel that their learning environment was well thought out and special.

To make your very own lemonade stand you can find several types on pinterest, to make ours we used 2 reclaimed pallets. The best part was everything was free! The awning was made from scrap material and we used left over craft paint from previous projects. This colorful addition will be sure to be a hit amongst your students!

Student work spaces are also organized and coordinated with the help of the Pink Lemonade Kit.  Students' desks, teams, binders, and more get a colorful makeover.
The bright colors that are featured in this kit are a perfect way to set a tone that your school year is going to be unique, fun, and full of learning.

You can purchase the Pink Lemonade Classroom Design and Organization Kit in our Simply Sprout Teachers Notebook store.

Get ready to smile with our pink lemonade kit, it is so bright and cheery! Redecorate and reorganize your classroom with ease using our printable kit, 113 pages of designs to help keep you organized and in style. Convert the pdf to a word document and then ad your own text onto the blank labels and templates provided making it customizable for your classroom.This set has organizational printables and  to help you get started for the beginning of the school year. This set includes printable pages you can print on your color printer, cut, laminate and watch your classroom come to life with fun!
Weekly Lesson Plan Template (2 Pages)
Substitute Lesson Plan Template (2 pages)
Motivational Poster
(8 1/2 x 11 and 2 5 x 7)
Blank Labels
Name Plates for Student Desks
Student Table Signs
(Table 1 - Table 8)
Center Signs
(Art, Computer, Language, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing)
Blank Word Wall Cards
Word Wall Alphabet Headers
Organizational Binder Covers
(attendance, parent communication, behavior, computer lab, common core tracking, handwriting, lesson plans, social studies, writing, language, science, student passwords, reading, workshop time, substitute binder, reading groups, grade book, math, common core, leadership team, days of the week, daily agenda, and blank binder covers)
Lemon Behavior Chart Headers (sweet, tangy and sour)
Weekly Parent Communication Form
(includes student behavior and academics)
Alphabet  Banners
(3 different designs)

To complete the look check out our Back to School Presentation Templates.
This kit contains 28 slides including 4 blank ones you can customize for your classroom, reorder the slides or delete templates you don't need, Just insert your information and you are ready for open house or back to school night.
Meet the teacher
Contact Information
Daily Schedule
School supplies
Behavior Policy
Grading Policy
Writing Curriculum
Language Arts Curriculum
Reading Curriculum
Science Curriculum
Social Studies Curriculum
Math Curriculum
Field Trip Calendar
School Pride
Special Area Classes
Common Core Requirements
Testing Requirements
Important Information
Class Website
Dismissal Procedures
4 Blank templates

Be sure to check back throughout the next two weeks as we debut our latest kits for Back to School!
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Don't let rain ruin your Fourth of July...give these patriotic craft projects a try!

 Well it looks like a pretty soggy 4th of July forecast here on the East coast. Here in Florida it has been raining all week with no signs of stopping. It looks like our 4th of July fun is being rained out, the BBQ, the pool and the fireworks are all being put on hold as my two little ones sit here staring at a gloomy sky listening to the crashes of thunder. I hate to let a fun holiday pass us by so we are going to make the most of it with an indoor 4th of July celebration.

Here are a few indoor kid friendly crafts that are sure to keep your little fireworks entertained and excited!

1. Make some colorful fireworks that are perfect for an indoor celebration, use pipe cleaners, glitter paper towel rolls, get creative finding things around the house and re-purposing them.

2. Great rainy day fun find an old tshirt and get some RIT dye, have fun getting creative tye-dying

3. Have some fun in the kitchen making chocolate dipped pretzel rods, add your favorite red white and blue sugar or sprinkles

4. Create your own fireworks! Grab some paint a straw and a piece of construction paper.

5. Decorate your house with these festive paper lanterns

6. Take advantage of your time indoors to document those tiny handprints, grab some construction paper and craft paint and make a keepsake to remember the 4th!

For more ideas visit our Pinterest board, be sure to become a follower to see all of our latest educational finds.


Cool down with some Watermelon fun!

With the weather heating up and temperatures soaring during the day we thought you might like a few ideas to reinforce those letter skills and cool down at the same time. Here are a few of our favorite watermelon activities that we found, see more on our Pinterest Board.

1. Watermelon playdough is so easy to make and lots of fun to play with
2. For snack time whip up some watermelon rice krispie treats
3. Watermelon waffles are the perfect way to start out a summer day, reinforce all of those W words with these wonderful watermelon waffles!
4. Reinforce the letter W by making it into a watermelon, use tissue paper to cover a cardboard cutout of a W, these pictoral representations of letters help little ones to use visual cues to help them remember letter sounds.
5. Primary Watermelon activity kit, great summer review for Pre-K to first grade6.paper plates to create some watermelon math problems, on the back have your students write a word problem to match.
7. For a refreshing drink on those hot summer days make some watermelon Kool Aid, mix with sprite zero, serve in a  mason jar with a slice of frozen watermelon on the side.

A few other fun ideas to keep cool this summer, Place water balloons around the back yard, tie an index card onto them and write a letter on each one ( or number), have little ones try to pop them in abc order (or number order) for increased difficulty turn the timer on, see if your little ones can get faster with each round.

When the outdoor fun is over and you are looking for some activities when the rain starts rolling in check out our Watermelon themed activity packs for both primary and intermediate. 
They offer a great review of skills for those hot summer months!

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