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Halloween fun

Ghost Candles
This morning started off with some spooky pancakes and some Halloween fun! Kaitlyn and I made some Ghost candles out of old spaghetti jars. She squeezed some white paint into them and I added a few tablespoons of water...she shook them both up to coat the jar. I drew the eyes and mouth and she used the sharpie to color it in. Put a small flameless candle in the bottom of the jar for a spooky effect...these looked so cute tonight in the kitchen window.

Halloween Counting Book
We worked on our counting skills today. Kaitlyn used some Halloween stickers to make a counting book. She sorted the shapes first and put them into piles. I drew the numbers on the pages and she added the correct number of shapes to the pages. We are working on recognizing her numbers and using tangible items to count and match to those numbers. When she was done she had a cute book to read tonight.

Candy Corn Counting
Next we practiced a few more numbers by using some candy corn. I made small little flash cards with the numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 on them using scrapbook paper. I put some muffin wrappers with each card. K had to put the correct number of candy corn into each muffin wrapper. We talked about the numbers counted them and compared them. At the end she decided she wanted to eat the muffin wrapper that had 8 candy corn because it had the most.....I think she got the lesson :)

After Math we practiced her letters by playing a letter matching game, you can purchase it from my Teachers Pay Teachers Site here 

K had fun breaking out the paint and painting her candy corn...she had a little piece of candy as her inspiration :)

Posted by PicasaLunch was fun we made ghost sandwiches using our Halloween cookie cutters! Overall it was a spooktacular day, can't wait to see her go trick or treating tonight!

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

We threw the kids a Mad hatter's Tea Party this weekend, and it was oh so fun! My little 3 year old was Alice and her 7 month old brother was the Mad Hatter. All of their little friends came over in their costumes and drank colored "tea" (Crayola Flavored water, no sugar added, comes in bright colors and is sold at Walmart) and ate cookies. The Party Invitations and Printables can be found here For treats each guest got a spooky S'more kit ( graham crackers, mini hershey bar and a PEEP Ghost) They were so yummy on the fire!

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Spooky Counting Fun

K and I use lots of different objects as manipulatives and tools for learning. Tonight we used some spooky PEEPS to practice our counting. So the next time you are passing that candy aisle take a look and see what fun stuff you can find that makes learning a little more fun!
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Scrapbook Leaves

I adore pretty paper, and I use a lot of scrapbook paper in my classroom. I mounted some of my students' writing this past week, and decided to use the scraps to make decorative oak leaves for our kitchen window.

I made a smaller version for our mantle. I challenged myself by not spending any money to decorate for changing of the seasons, and it turned out okay. I used a burlap and fabric scrap, vases, mason jars, small decorative apples, and pine cones (that needed to come out of our yard anyways).

Not quite done with it yet, but it is getting there! It's amazing how creative and resourceful one can be on a strict budget!

The 2011 Christmas Cards Have arrived!

The 2011 Christmas Collection has arrived! visit Magic By Marcy Designs and check them ou1. Don't see what you are looking for email your request to magicbymarcy@gmail.com. I love doing special requests!

The Letter S is for Spider

A great way to start off your morning learning about the letter S.....Some spider Pancakes!

We started school today by reviewing some of the letters we have already learned. I picked up some workbooks in the dollar section of our local Target when they went on clearance for 25cents a piece. These specifically focus on the sounds letters make as well as writing them. So we practiced writing them and choosing pictures that have the same sound. It is helpful to young writers to draw a small dot where they need to start forming their letters. this helps teach them proper penmanship as well as gives them a starting point to consistently use. Most books have them already these did not. After each page she got to put a sticker on her paper as a reward....she was over the moon about that :)

S is for Spider

Today we introduced the letter S, we had fun making the sound and kaitlyn tried to name as many S words as she could come up with. We worked on our S page for our ABC Book. Kaitlyn fingerpainted her entire page using Black paint....and then practiced making her S's on the painted paper. This is a fun way to review letter formations. When it dried I applied white paint onto her paper in a ring fashion ( see above) She then took a paintbrush and used it to draw her lines stemming from the center of the web. When she was done she had a spider web. I drew the letter S and then she applied some cute foamy glitter spiders onto the letter S.

Letter Review

Kaitlyn spent teh rest of her afternoon playing with her letter mats. She uses pom poms to make the letters by placing them into the dots. Each one forms a letter she has already learned. I made these and hope to have them on the website as a resource for you to use soon :)

Spider Cookies

The great thing about staying home with your little ones is being able to relax a little and enjoy the little stuff. Tonight while Kaitlyn played dress up....her favorite pasttime. I made a batch of sugar cookies. She helped me to decorate them in a most spooktacular way! We made some spider cookies. We took black frosting ( I really don't even want to know whats in that) and iced our cookies, I drew the circles using white irradescent frosting onto the cookies. Kaitlyn took a large wooden skewer and spread the icing out by drawing lines that start at the center of the cookie. When she was all done she added a gummy spider...yum!!!!! I had a few cookies I wanted to do something different on so we made spiders on them. As I drew them on with the icing Kaitlyn counted the legs making sure I had 8 on each one.

Her Face says it all!

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Take a Time out...in a new way

Get your free Tag here for your Glitter Jar
Print out the image below and apply it to the top or side of your glitter jar using clear packing tape.

Since blogging about this we have switched our glass spaghetti Jar to a plastic Applesauce jar...it was much lighter for my daughter to use and I didn't have to worry about it slipping from her hands and breaking.

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O is for Owl, creating our alphabet page

O is for Owl

We worked on our alphabet pages today for our ABC Book Project. Kaitlyn practiced making her o's using some of her favorite colors. She dipped her finger in the paint and wrote them on her paper. I gave her a cute owl template I found online and had her paint each part, when it was dry i ut it out and assembled it onto her paper. It turned out very cute!

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A Little Batty

Last week Mack and I were both a bit under the weather. We stayed home and relished in some TLC that we both provided to one another. By afternoon, we both had mustered up enough energy to make October official. With a craft of course. Most would think that a one year old has no interest in crafts, and I would fully agree. He did let me trace his little hand in order to make a Halloween bat. Poor kid doesn't stand a chance with a mom as a teacher!

Step 1: Trace hands on black construction paper and cut out.

Step 2: Glue two hands together. Paper ones, not your child's!!

Step 3: Cut out circle for bat's head.

Step 4: Glue on googly eyes, ears, and fangs (polka dot ones make him ever scarier!)

You can also use your little one's thumbs as the ears...

We tied our bats to our dining room chandelier to enjoy during this spooky month!
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