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Grandparents Day Printable


Nothing cuter than a little one dressed up as a grandparent!  We had fun playing dress up, and imagining my almost three year old as a senior citizen.  It was just as humorous to hear his answers to the questions below.  He hopes to sing to Veggie Tales, eat Chick Fil a, and visit Toys R Us when he's a grandparent.
Right click on the image above and paste into a Word document to make your own keepsake!
Happy Grandparents Day on September 8th!


You're Going to ROCK! Bathroom Mirror Sign


Who doesn't need a little pep talk on the first day of school?  I know I do!  What better way to start the day than as a ROCKSTAR!  Print this out and hang it to your kids' bathroom mirror (or the teacher in your life) as a reminder of how awesome they're going to be on their first day!

P.S. It's my first day back tomorrow, and I sure hope I'm a rockstar this year!



POP of Color: A Classroom Design Kit

This kit sums up just what we need in our classrooms this time of year...a POP of color!  Our walls are void of student artwork, the desk are bare, and organizational bins from past years are looking lackluster to say the least!  The bright colors and trendy patterns in this kit make any classroom burst with excitement for the start of another school year!

Add a POP of color to your classroom with this colorful & creative organizational kit from Simply Sprout. The kit contains 130 pages of organizational templates, labels, decorations and much much more. Whimsical birdies are combined with colorful chevron, polka dots, and stripes.

Substitute lesson plan template (2 Pages)
Lesson plan template (2 Pages)
Small group organizational template
Days of the week dismissal charts
Class roster template (Welcome to K,1,2,3,4,5)
Organizational labels for classroom supplies
Days of the week labels
Behavior chart Sign, hole punch and attach with ribbon, use clotehspins to track student performance
Student table signs (1 - 8)
Student desk name plates (6 different patterns)
We're at...poster (easy to locate a class that is not currently in their classroom)
Blank labels (use these with the daily schedule labels to add a time next to your subject)
Common Core Bulletin Board Labels
Daily Schedule labels
Alphabet pennant banner(2 different patterns chevron, rainbow polka dot A - Z)
Blank pennant banner (add your own text)
Organization binder covers for the teacher
Blank bird/chalkboard labels (great for word walls, bulletin boards or labels)

Fonts used in this kit
Clementine Sketch
KG Second Chances Sketch
KG Strawberry Limeade
Stays in the Cave
Learning Curve Pro

Clipart purchased from:

To add your own text please convert PDF to a Word document using pdftoword.com., and add text boxes (right click to format text box, remove border and set fill to none)


Back To School Savings

Get ready for Back to School with some amazing deals from Teacher's Notebook. Simply Sprout is offering 20% off our entire store as well as selecting 3 winners to win our latest kit POP of Color.
Be sure to check out the Back to School Bundles, prices vary, its a great way to pick up a lot of resources for the classroom at an amazing price. Simply Sprout is featured in Kits #3and #14. Please pass this savings along to your colleagues, let them know about this great deal!


Red & Aqua Classroom Design Kit

Primary colors have been put through the retro spin cycle for this Aqua and Red Classroom Design Kit. These two bring the perfect blend of traditional and trendy to your classroom.

Start the year off organized and coordinated with this stylish red & aqua printable kit. Polka dots, chevron and stripes mixed with chalkboard frames are the perfect stylish combination to bring yourclassroom to life this school year. Customize your classroom by adding your own text and printing exactly what you need.

The kit includes:
Days of the week dismissal charts (Monday - Friday and blank chart)
2 Page Substitute plan templates
2 Page Lesson plan templates
Small group organizational chart / lesson template
Teacher communication planner
Binder covers
(grade book, parent communication, lesson plans, daily work, reading, writing, science, behavior, attendance chart, common core planning, computer lab, days of the week, centers, substitute folder, homework, daily agenda, math, meetings, volunteer schedule, important
information, language arts, social studies)
Student desk name plates
Calendar numbers 1-31
Blank label templates
Dismissal chart headers
Organizational labels for classroom materials
Lunch chart headers
Days of the week headers
Alphabet (A - Z) (for class word wall or banner)
Table signs (#1 - 10,  2 sizes)
Class roster template
Class rules template
Afternoon dismissal
Blank Template
Common Core / Daily Schedule HeadersDays of the week dismissal charts (Monday - Friday and blank chart)

Fonts Used in this kit
Visual Magnets

The school supply aisles are filled with fun colorful finds like composition notebooks, folders, binders, and more.  All to coordinate with these cool and warm tones. We found these adorable composition notebooks at Wal-mart. So fun & fresh sure to brighten up your student desks, and make learning a little more fun!

Organization is key when starting out a new school year.  We love how these bright binder covers turn ordinary to extraordinary! Just print them and slide them into any clear pocket binder.

Storage crates and supply bins share in on the pops of color! These adorable berry baskets were found at Wal-mart, we just added some colorful ribbon ( Hobby Lobby) and the tags from the Red & Aqua Classroom Collection.

The combination of dots and chevron will catch the eye of the students right away, as well as parents and teachers!

Get your Red & Aqua Classroom Kit today!


A Few Things All About Me: A Student Sneak Peek!

In a couple of weeks both of my boys will head off to the world of preschool and daycare while I head back to the classroom.  It's always a hard transition from summer to school year, but one that is rewarding and beneficial in so many ways.  I've been anxious about others knowing all the little things that go without saying around our house.  Like that my children answer to a dozen nicknames, or that my two year old has to be reminded to use his inside voice (a lot, just like his mama!).  As a teacher, I love knowing things that make my students unique right from the start of the school year. So, I am tucking these sheets in with their first day items so that the teacher has a little sneak peek into what I think are two pretty special little guys!
Copy and paste this picture right into a Word document to send these notes with your kiddies too!

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