Friday, August 2, 2013

A Few Things All About Me: A Student Sneak Peek!

In a couple of weeks both of my boys will head off to the world of preschool and daycare while I head back to the classroom.  It's always a hard transition from summer to school year, but one that is rewarding and beneficial in so many ways.  I've been anxious about others knowing all the little things that go without saying around our house.  Like that my children answer to a dozen nicknames, or that my two year old has to be reminded to use his inside voice (a lot, just like his mama!).  As a teacher, I love knowing things that make my students unique right from the start of the school year. So, I am tucking these sheets in with their first day items so that the teacher has a little sneak peek into what I think are two pretty special little guys!
Copy and paste this picture right into a Word document to send these notes with your kiddies too!


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