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Teachers get your Skeletons out of the closet this Friday the 13th!

The full moon is rising it's Friday the 13th! Teachers know that this is a terrible combination for classroom behavior. Call it superstition but a full moon on Friday the 13th spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E. So why fight it? After all, excellent behavior on a full moon Friday is about as rare as a mystical unicorn coming by for a visit. So why not bring in a little fun for your students this Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th it's Unicorn Day

Everyone loves a themed day especially your students. Get ready for Halloween by celebrating with a Unicorn themed activity day. Check out these fun activities you can implement in any classroom. Your students will have a frightfully good time!

Southern Summer nights

It's summer time a time to rest and recharge, as teachers we need this precious time. While ideas are swirling in our heads and excitement is on the horizon for a new school year filled with new possibilities. I urge you to take this time, relish in it breathe it in...it is so fleeting. Enjoy your family, host a party with friends, say yes to spontaneous plans. Eat it up, because the new school year is knocking on the door.

Graduation Luau

As the school year winds to a close we want to send our 5th graders off in style. At our school we host a 5th grade Graduation Luau, it is a tradition that they all look forward to. Some games, dancing, food and fun with friends on the last day of school. A great tradition to say goodbye Elementary school and Hello Middle school!

Help prevent the Summer Slide

Summer is right around the corner, its time to come up with a game plan before those kids are ruling the roost and calling all the shots this summer. Its hard to compete with electronics and video games when it comes to summer time, but if you want to prevent the dreaded summer slide you need to do a little skills review this summer. This summer beat those boredom blues with some fun math activities your kids are sure to love.

Cats or Dogs? What's your opinion?

Teaching opinion writing can sometimes be tricky. Help your students respond to opinion writing prompts with ease by teaching them the OREO method.

Minecraft Party Ideas

It's party time! My youngest just turned 8 and I needed to throw a party that he and his little guy friends would love. So I brushed up on my MINECRAFT skills and crafted one fun party. Check out all of the behind the scenes fun to create your own Minecraft themed party your little gamer will love!

Let's Flamingle and have some fun!

Every year I take a little pause from teaching and jump back into party planning mode. My daughter turned 11 this year so a tween party was just what she wanted. She invited her besties and we flamingled by the pool. A ladies lunch with some crafting and swimming was exactly the kinda party she was wanting.
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