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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Create your own Interactive Spelling notebook

School is back in full swing and sight word list and spelling homework assignments are being sent home each week. Some kids pick up spelling words quite easily and others struggle to remember the words without reinforcing them throughout the week. My daughter's school is using the McGraw-Hill Wonders Reading Series. So I have developed an interactive spelling notebook to help reinforce those spelling skills at home as well as in the classroom. Encouraging your children to interact with their words instead of simply just copying them 3 times each on a piece of handwriting paper will develop those memorization skills and help them to recognize spelling patterns and sounds, boosting their reading abilities. Having your little ones practice their fine motor skills through cutting, coloring and using their pencils to trace and write will also develop those fine motor skills that are sometimes overlooked in today's "workbook centered" classrooms. Both critical skills to developing reading skills.

To create an interactive notebook, reduce print size to 75% or 80%
depending on the size notebooks you use. I like using a composition notebook. Have students cut out the different items and glue them into their notebooks.
Great for reinforcing spelling, ABC order, sight words and more!

Here is a sample of how we use these resources:

Monday: Color the words on the strips, trace them (we practice rainbow writing where she traces it with 3 different colors saying the letter each time she traces it) then write the word.
Cut the strips out and then glue them into the notebook. Only glue the corner so you can create a flap that opens.

1 sight word page

Tuesday: Under the strips write a sentence for each spelling word, underline the word used.

1 sight word page

Wednesday: ABC Page, color the crayons, cut them out and put them in ABC order, Glue them into the notebook in ABC order.

1 sight word page

Thursday: Read it, Write it, Highlight it! Have students read the word, write it and then read the sentence and highlight their spelling word.

Get ready for that spelling test by taking a pre-test and writing a sentence.

1 sight word page

Friday: Celebrate spelling test day with a special treat like a new book!

To Purchase this kit please visit my TPT store

Even if you don't follow this reading series you can still utilize these word lists and sight word sheets, you do not need to use the Wonders series to find this kit beneficial.

Units 2 - 6 will be released over the next few months so check back and be sure to sign up to be a follower.

Friday, May 23, 2014

School's out for what??????

 Here are a few of our Favorite ideas that will keep your little ones having fun all summer long!
Be sure to visit Simply Sprout on Pinterest for more ideas

1. Use permanent paint markers or stickers to decorate smooth river stones. Have children use them to create a story or to remember an event from their summer.

2. Transform that old t-shirt to a fun summer art smock or pool cover up. Use sharpie markers and rubber bands to create a one of a kind tye dyed look.

3. Use those science and math skills to whip up a batch of sidewalk chalk, freeze it into a popsicle mold. Take them outside onto the blacktop for some frozen fun.

4. Who needs a flat Stanley when you could have your very own pet rock. Have your little ones use craft paint and permanent markers to create their very own pet rock. Have them keep a journal to tell about the pet rock's summer adventures, take photos of the pet rock on trips, outings etc. Your child will have a great time reminiscing about their summer adventures all while strengthening their writing skills.

5. Have some fun with sight words, use chalk to write the alphabet onto the driveway. Give kids some sponge bombs soaked in water and let the fun begin. Call out sight words and have them spell them by tossing the sponge to the correct letter, this also works great with math facts.

6. Bring your backyard to life with a color wheel scavenger hunt. Use a color wheel or paint swatch to have kids find items that match the colors. Great activity to introduce or review colors with little ones.

With just a few days left of school my little ones are counting down the moments til summer. They are ready for a little more freedom and fun. Late nights, pool days and fun with friends are on the horizon. But with all that fun they still need a little bit of structure....let's face it the teacher in me needs it too. Last summer for a lot of reasons we were in survival mode, a vacation here or there, lots of lazy days spent in jammies and more rainy days than I could count. This summer I decided to take a different approach. While I love to go with the flow ( Just ask drives her crazy) I wanted to make sure that my kids knew what to expect each day and made sure that we built in some time to our day when we could keep the academics going along with the fun. Above you will see our summer schedule. Each day has a theme. My goal was to not be running all over town from activity to activity, I also didn't want to spend a fortune on fancy activities, projects and toys, I want to make memorable moments that my children enjoy and hopefully help them to appreciate the simple moments that make summer fun! So here's a look at our week...

Monday: Make it Monday
We will create an art project or craft, these are the days where we will break out the glitter, special markers, paints etc. and get around to some of those things that we have pinned on Pinterest.

Tuesday: Learn & Earn Tuesday
Tuesday is our day for some learning fun, trips to the library, educational playdates with friends, making books (Kids love this!) , trying out a new science activity with stuff in our pantry or whatever inspires learning for the day. On this day we will also be going to the Library and checking out books (It is FREE and has AC... two huge bonuses in my summer book). It is so important to keep kids reading and practicing those sight words over the summer, so the library is a great activity. In the afternoons this will be our "Earning time" the kids (age 6 and 3) both have a few chores (cleaning their rooms, laundry, helping with vacuuming etc) if they get their chores done they will earn a $1...which they will need in order to go to the movies each Wednesday. 

Wednesday: Movie Day
Our local movie theater is doing summer movies for kids for just a $1! If my kids earn their money each week then we will go to the movie theater, if they haven't we might do a movie at home (if all of their chores are done :) ) Since we will be inside all morning the afternoon is the perfect time to take a dip in the pool, play in the sandbox and water table, or just spend some time outside.

$1 Movie schedule 2014

Thursday: Neighborhood Thursday
While its fun to spend summer days out and about our goal is to stay closer to home so Thursdays will be spent on our street, and in our neighborhood. Get out make some new friends, go to your local park, take a walk, have a picnic, ride bikes, roller skate, draw on the sidewalk whatever it is that keeps you in your neighborhood ( and out of your car!) Enjoy time outside before the hot afternoon settles in. In the afternoon use that time for some indoor play, my kids love to dress up and put on shows (rainy summer afternoons are perfect for this)

Friday: Fun Friday
Fridays are our days when anything goes, it's kid's choice. We might take a day trip, or visit a local park or museum, have lunch with friends etc. Having one day a week for some around town fun will be a happy balance for our week.

Each day we will still have a nap time / quiet time. My youngest still takes naps (Thank GOD!) During this time I will be working with my Daughter ( a rising first grader) on some enrichment activities or her reading skills, so much academic sliding happens during the summer keep those skills fresh by practicing reading, keeping a writing journal and practicing those math facts.

If you would like to give this schedule a try click on the image below and print (works best if you save image and insert it into a word document.) Just add your own text for activities and times that work best for your family.

Here is one that is blank so you can create your own days

While I know that my schedule won't work for everyone it is something to think about, how will you create meaningful memories for your kids, foster learning and not break the bank? We would love to hear how other moms survive and thrive during the summer. Leave us a comment below.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Setting Sail on a Pirate Unit

I would like to say that pirates have taken over and our absence is all their fault, but I just can't lie like that!  Our families, jobs, life has though.  We are always busy dreaming, brainstorming, creating, but not always typing!  

My  students are sailing into the new year through a fun and enriching pirate unit.  The unit is full of science, map skills, math, vocabulary, writing, social studies, and research.  Nothing like a fresh unit and cute bulletin board to renew a teacher's spirit!  The unit will be in our store this week, but here is a sneak peek through your spyglass for the time being!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Does Science

So how excited are your children that your Elf has come for a visit?  Ours are ecstatic!  Not only at home, but in the classroom too!  Of course this mean old teacher can't let Elf be all fun and games, some learning has to take place before our winter break!  

This Elf on the Shelf Science Centers kit is a perfect way to keep students engaged and having fun right up until you send them home to wait on Santa.

Labs include:
Animal Adaptation: Polar Bear Blubber
Forces and Motion: Penguin Races
Water Cycle: Snow Science
Mixtures and Solutions: Reindeer Mix and Elf Punch

I can't wait to have my students elbow deep in Polar Bear blubber next week!  These labs are a wonderful way to keep Santa Spotters busy at home during the days leading up to Christmas too!  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Thanksgiving Table Just for the Kids

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house tomorrow?  Well I am, and I had more fun setting the kids' table than any other part of the hosting responsibilities.  The table is full of random assortments to keep our little pilgrim and Indians occupied and happy!

One thing I love to have our guests do each year is to think about what they are thankful for.  What better way to document their thoughts than on a placemat.  Laminate and store away as a keepsake.  Love looking back to see that my son was most thankful for hotdogs last year!  Print this Little Turkey Placemat on legal sized paper.  Provide some crayons and let your little guests fill in the pumpkins and acorns with things that they are thankful for. 

No kids table is complete without some crayons, stickers, and lots of laughter.  The best part is looking over from the adult table and having a heart full of gratitude for the children in our lives.
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Elf on the shelf Classroom Activities and Ideas 

Most teachers are winding down their Thanksgiving festivities and starting to plan for the few weeks of school before the winter holiday break. Let's face it students come back after Thanksgiving with Christmas on the brain and it's hard to regain their focus once the S word has been muttered....SANTA! Everywhere you look Christmas is already arriving, from Target to the Mall the halls have been decked and the toy shelves are stocked. So if you are looking for a fun way to keep your students on task and learning why not try introducing a little Santa's helper into your classroom. Whether he is store bought or handmade all you need is a little elf that can perch himself around your room. Each day he will report back to Santa whether your students have been naughty or nice, oh and of course he might cause a little mischief here and there in your classroom. We have found lots of fun ideas to keep your elf entertained while he visits your class, check out our Pinterest boards for some fun and creative ideas.

With our Activity kit students can write a daily report as part of their morning routine, creating a report that includes the date time and location where the incident occurred and documents your class elf's behavior while he visits. Students can also get creative and use the writing prompts to explore a little further. The kit also contains holiday word work and sentence activities where students will cut out letters and recreate holiday vocab words in the see, write, draw spell method.

Help the Elf on the shelf come to life with this cute kit. Keep track of your Class Elf with daily reports and journal activities. Keep students engaged and working during independent time with cute holiday word work or holiday sentence activities.
Click on the image below to visit our store for more info!
 We would love to hear how you use the elf in your classroom, chat with us on facebook!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turkey Leg Anyone?

While the rest of the world already seems to be singing Fa La La La, I'm in  the midst of getting our home and my classroom ready for Thanksgiving.  We made these paper turkey legs today at home for the Thanksgiving kids' table, and I'm sure they will be a hit. 
Here's what you need to drum up some excitement with your little guests:
Brown paper lunch bags
White copy paper cut in 1 inch strips
White cardstock paper (for tags)
Twine (for tags)
Zipper top sandwich bags
Yummies to fill with: We used popcorn and candy corn (it's what I had in the pantry!)
Cut the bags about a 1/4 of the way down from the opening at the top.  Make some kind of yummy treat to put inside the bags.  We put our mixture into a zipper top sandwich bag first so that the popcorn grease wouldn't make our drumstick paper greasy.  Stuff treat inside open brown paper bag.  With your hands, crumple the brown bag to make it somewhat look like a drumstick.  Gather the open in and twist in closed.  Then glue the strips to the open on the bag and wrap around.  Use your scissors to cut slits in the white paper.  I used a pencil to roll the paper back a bit.  Make it real fancy  you know!
If you want to get real cute, print the tags below by right clicking on the image.  Copy and paste it into a Word document.  Print, cut, and tie! 
Now you just need some little turkeys to rip open their drumsticks and enjoy a fun treat! 
Turkey graphics by My Cute Graphics
Make this idea Simply Sprout in the classroom:  Type out a variety of different Thanksgiving themed words.  Cut into strips and drop 5-8 words in each drumstick.  When your students open their treat challenge them to write a Thanksgiving story using the words they found.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Setting Sail on the Mayflower

I apologize for the horrid phone pics, but I had to share this fun impromptu activity we did today in preparation for Turkey Day next week.  We've been on a LONG learning expedition about explorers over the past 5 weeks.  We've had a lot of fun with it, but a couple of weeks ago we had a pretty lengthy discussion/debate whether or not we felt that the pilgrims were explorers or not.  Some students argued that you are an explorer if you set off into the unknown to you, and others said you had to be the first to journey somewhere.  This was a perfect jumping off place to discuss the pilgrimage to the New World, the pilgrims themselves, and of course the Native Americans that they encountered once they reached Plymouth. 
So this morning we started off our day "packing our bags" for our 65 day journey across the Atlantic.  We wrapped our mock journey up in one day...I get sea sick easily!  We talked about what a pilgrim might have packed, what necessities are, and what luxuries are when it comes to possessions. 
Love that this student packed her stuffed dog, brother (I taught him too and he's worth packing!), shelter, water, food, a LOT of books, and of course Trader Joe's.

Our science activity for the day was a lesson in buoyancy.  Students were given a small piece of modeling clay, a straw, and an index card.  With no teacher direction they had to design a ship that would stay a float.  I loved seeing how their designs differed, and the creativity that they put into these three simple materials.  After a bit of brainstorming time, I set up a few "Atlantic Oceans" around the classroom.  From there they were given the chance to set sail.  Many of them had to go back to the drawing board to design a boat that floated.  A great lesson in science and engineering!
For a free copy of the Pack My Bags printable visit my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Little Elf will soon be arriving to a shelf near you!

We're not ones to skip over holidays such as Thanksgiving, we're more inclined to milk holidays for all that they are worth around here.  However, with all this Christmas music on the radio already it got us daydreaming about our little Elf on the Shelf.  Whether it's in our classrooms or our homes, our elves make their debut right after Thanksgiving each year so that we can relish in all the holiday fun! So we thought we would help you out with a FREEBIE and a giveaway. It's never too early to start gathering those stocking stuffers and unique gifts, so be sure to go to the end of the post and enter into our Catching Fireflies gift certificate giveaway for a chance to win a $43 gift certificate.
 Be sure to leave us a comment letting us know your favorite product from Catching Fireflies.

We just love the tradition of The Elf on The Shelf, and each year we try to come up with new and fun ways to keep it fresh. We hope you will give our little cards a try with your elf, use the blank one to add your own text. Be sure to see our friends at Frugal Coupon Living to see this and more ideas to bring those elves to life!

Download  your copy HERE
To see these ideas and more please visit Frugal Coupon Living
or visit us on Pinterest
Does your little elf leave stocking stuffers behind?  Well if you're looking for the perfect one of a kind stocking stuffers for your family, Catching Fireflies specializes in creative gifts and whimsical goodies that are sure to be a crowd pleaser Christmas morning.
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Catching Fireflies Giveaway!
Does your little elf leave stocking stuffers behind?  Well if you're looking for the perfect one of a kind stocking stuffers for your family, Catching Fireflies specializes in creative gifts and whimsical goodies that are sure to be a crowd pleaser Christmas morning.
Enter below for the chance to win a $43 gift certificate to Catching Fireflies.

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Simply Sprout Fans Get those stockings stuffed and enjoy 20% off  your purchase at
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