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Happy Friday the 13th it's Unicorn Day

Everyone loves a themed day especially your students. Get ready for Halloween by celebrating with a Unicorn themed activity day. Check out these fun activities you can implement in any classroom. Your students will have a frightfully good time!

Kick off Halloween with a guest professor. Surprise your students by hiding a unicorn skeleton your classroom. On the day he arrives sneak in a few fun activities that your students will love. Bring in a few fun unicorn themed books for your students to read. They will love reading a few silly stories about unicorns Thelma the Unicorn is one of my favorites. While they are reading their favorite stories they can complete a unicorn story report, download yours FREE!

The class unicorn can even model good reading habits. He's fun and poseable and can be positioned just about anywhere in your room. Prop him up with a  good book and he is all set to inspire some young readers.

For math time get the fun started with a little slime time! Everyone loves slime, check out this fun rainbow glitter slime recipe.

Grab a large bowl and mix 2 cups clear glue and 2 cups room temperature water together. Add in a little sparkle with some iridescent glitter. In a separate bowl, mix 2 cups hot water and 2 teaspoons of Borax (this step is safest for adults to handle). Mix well for one minute, add Borax solution into the large bowl of glue and water. Your slime will start to clump up so make sure your stir vigorously until most of the liquid is gone. Add in rainbow slime ballz. And watch the fun come alive. This glittery rainbow slime will melt through your fingertips, let your students explore with it at their desks. 

Have students work in teams to create a slime stretch bar graph. Here's how it works.

Students take a clump of slime and hold it in their fingers for 2 minutes, they can alternate hands as it slowly starts to drip. Once a big piece breaks off they are out so they will want to try and keep it stretching. After the 2 minute timer students record the length of their slime in inches. The teams use their collected data to create a bar graph on index cards. This can be repeated for different time intervals. This is a great way to review those graphing skills and add a little fun into math time.

When you are done you can add it into a clear bag and add a unicorn topper to close it off to send it home.

I hope you enjoy these fun activities and can adapt them to use with your students. See our unicorn day in action over on the Simply Sprout instagram feed.

Grab your favorite skeletons over at Oriental Trading, your Halloween Headquarters!

This post was written in partnership with and has been sponsored by Oriental Trading Company. All ideas and opinions are honest and completely my own.

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