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Create your own Interactive Spelling notebook

School is back in full swing and sight word list and spelling homework assignments are being sent home each week. Some kids pick up spelling words quite easily and others struggle to remember the words without reinforcing them throughout the week. My daughter's school is using the McGraw-Hill Wonders Reading Series. So I have developed an interactive spelling notebook to help reinforce those spelling skills at home as well as in the classroom. Encouraging your children to interact with their words instead of simply just copying them 3 times each on a piece of handwriting paper will develop those memorization skills and help them to recognize spelling patterns and sounds, boosting their reading abilities.

School's out for summer.....now what??????


 Here are a few of our Favorite ideas that will keep your little ones having fun all summer long!
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Setting Sail on a Pirate Unit

I would like to say that pirates have taken over and our absence is all their fault, but I just can't lie like that!  Our families, jobs, life has though.  We are always busy dreaming, brainstorming, creating, but not always typing! 

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