Thursday, September 11, 2014

Create your own Interactive Spelling notebook

School is back in full swing and sight word list and spelling homework assignments are being sent home each week. Some kids pick up spelling words quite easily and others struggle to remember the words without reinforcing them throughout the week. My daughter's school is using the McGraw-Hill Wonders Reading Series. So I have developed an interactive spelling notebook to help reinforce those spelling skills at home as well as in the classroom. Encouraging your children to interact with their words instead of simply just copying them 3 times each on a piece of handwriting paper will develop those memorization skills and help them to recognize spelling patterns and sounds, boosting their reading abilities. Having your little ones practice their fine motor skills through cutting, coloring and using their pencils to trace and write will also develop those fine motor skills that are sometimes overlooked in today's "workbook centered" classrooms. Both critical skills to developing reading skills.

To create an interactive notebook, reduce print size to 75% or 80%
depending on the size notebooks you use. I like using a composition notebook. Have students cut out the different items and glue them into their notebooks.
Great for reinforcing spelling, ABC order, sight words and more!

Here is a sample of how we use these resources:

Monday: Color the words on the strips, trace them (we practice rainbow writing where she traces it with 3 different colors saying the letter each time she traces it) then write the word.
Cut the strips out and then glue them into the notebook. Only glue the corner so you can create a flap that opens.

1 sight word page

Tuesday: Under the strips write a sentence for each spelling word, underline the word used.

1 sight word page

Wednesday: ABC Page, color the crayons, cut them out and put them in ABC order, Glue them into the notebook in ABC order.

1 sight word page

Thursday: Read it, Write it, Highlight it! Have students read the word, write it and then read the sentence and highlight their spelling word.

Get ready for that spelling test by taking a pre-test and writing a sentence.

1 sight word page

Friday: Celebrate spelling test day with a special treat like a new book!

To Purchase this kit please visit my TPT store

Even if you don't follow this reading series you can still utilize these word lists and sight word sheets, you do not need to use the Wonders series to find this kit beneficial.

Units 2 - 6 will be released over the next few months so check back and be sure to sign up to be a follower.


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