Friday, July 15, 2016

Stay cool with some summer science!

Summer is the perfect time to start a science journal. Make the most of your child's summer by encouraging them to keep a journal of simple experiments or investigation questions. My little ones enjoyed their first science investigation of the summer with popsicles in hand. They were eager to find out why some popsicles melted faster than others. So we conducted our own little test.

My little investigators took 3 popsicles and headed outside. They watched them and every 5 minutes recorded what they saw in their journals. They determined that the red one melted the fastest and the yellow was the slowest to melt. They decided that the darker the color the faster the popsicle melted. When they were all done I helped them organize their findings in their journals.

I used washi tape to segment off areas of the journal so they could easily record what they had done. I love using washi tape, it's colorful and has so many practical uses....I might be a washi tape addict....shh! don't tell anyone!

This was my daughter's final journal. She was so very proud of her work. I find the secret to science is to give your students time to freely explore and come to their own conclusions through those explorations.

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