Monday, August 15, 2011

The next 364 Days..What will you do?

Today was the first of my 365 days as a stay at home mommy, it was awkward for the first few hours. I felt like I was late for something, there was some place I needed to be. But as we settled in to our morning routine I quickly embraced the finer aspects of being home. The fabulous commute to the kitchen table and the fact that I can teach in my jammies, all in all two very awesome perks! Kaitlyn was so filled with excitement today she was eager to "go to school" even if it was in the dining room. She referred to me as "teacher mommy" and was filled with so much exuberance. As she worked hard and soaked up all I had to say it was then I realized how truly impactful these next 364 days were going to be. Not just to my little Kaitlyn but to me as well. To be granted the precious gift of time, time to listen, time to chat, time to just watch her learn about herself and the world around her. This is what I have always dreamed of doing since I was just 3 years old myself, to be a mommy and nothing else, to have the time to truly devote my whole self to my children and their needs. So I challenge you (whoever happens to be reading this, hopefully it's more than just my mom :) ) what will you do with these next 364 days? Will you finally do what inspires you? Will you take a leap of faith? Will you reach out? Will you make a difference to someone? What will you do with the next 364 days?


  1. Your sister's reading it too! Xoxo. Can she make one of these for her auntie???