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The feeling a teacher gets when they see school supplies neatly lined up on the shelves come July gives them a spontaneous Joy. Many wish they could postpone that Joy in order to enjoy just a few more days of summer vacation. But as a teacher its hard to deny, you love what you do, that's why you teach. It's not for the money, not for the fame you do it because you have a passion, a passion to inspire, therefore you teach.
The night before the first day is always exciting. I never can sleep, fearful of sleeping too long and not making it on time. You hate to be late that first day for two reasons...
1. All of the good  breakfast treats and seats in the back go fast.
2. You don't want to miss catching up on the Good Summer Gossip
For those two reasons I am usually on time that very first day!
I always have my clothes laid out and my new calendar and fancy Purple Pen ready in my schoolbag ( My ole Ruediger Girls can testify to my love of purple pens and frilly school supplies). Ah the night before the first day is was my favorite.
For the first time in ten years there is no outfit laid neatly at the foot of the bed, no brand new calendar or purple pen, no alarm set.....because for the first time in ten years I won't be joining my friends on that very first day back after summer vacation. 
Tonight comes with many mixed emotions because so much of who I am is wrapped up in my profession and my job as a teacher. But for the next 365 days I have been blessed with an opportunity to become a stay at home mommy/teacher to my own two amazing children Kaitlyn (3years) and Callen (5Months) Other than teaching I can't imagine another job as rewarding as being a mom. So while my friends are busy ironing their clothes and filling up their new school bags I have put my alarm in the closet and have snuggled up on the couch for a family movie night with my little loveys. Eager to start my new beginning tomorrow and filled with excitement at the amazing opportunities that lie ahead.
So for the next 365 days along with my role as a mommy to my beautiful children and a wife to my amazing husband I am also going to take on the role of teaching my daughter and preparing her for VPK next Fall. Using my experience and knowledge of Early Childhood education we are going to be learning a few "lessons on the little stuff" we will tackle the typical 3 year old skills like letter recognition, fine motor skills, numbers, counting etc. through fun hands on activities. Each week I will feature one or two of the activities we do at home on the blog, I will include some tips, pictures and hopefully some funny life lessons along the way. Join me as I embark on this new chapter of my life as I give a few lessons and learn a few lessons on the little stuff!


  1. I'm so excited for you & can't wait to see how everything goes. Since I'm in the same boat (becoming a SAHM & not returning to teaching), I am looking forward to not only the lessons you will teach, but the lessons you will learn.

  2. You are a great Mom and a fabulous teacher, both of those qualities will blend so well for you this year. Oh, and you are a good wife; Live, Laugh, Love and don't forget to DANCE!!


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