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Give Thanks Banner

A simple way to show your gratitude.

Start with a roll of packing paper or a brown paper grocery bag.

Cut rectangles, squares, triangles...really any shape you would like. I crumbled my rectangles to add a little texture to the banner. I also didn't cut out identical rectangles, but if you are a closet perfectionist, go right ahead!

Now start gluing on your letters. You could cut your letters out of fall inspired scrapbook paper, or use pre-cut letters. I happened to have multiple alphabets of letters due to a scrapbook store going out of business sale years ago. They have been collecting dust in a closet, and they were the inspiration for making a banner.

If you crumble your brown paper, you will find that the letters don't want to be glued down. So use a weight on each rectangle for a couple of minutes.

I've learned that it is virtually impossible to take nice pictures in our dining room, but here is the idea. The banner is MUCH cuter in person (if I do say so myself). Oh and those curtains were less than $14 a panel at Wal-mart. Yes, I have been to Wal-mart for all you naysayers!

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