Friday, February 24, 2012

Writing lessons that POP!

One of the best ways to give a young author’s writing purpose is to put it on display. By simply putting student’s writing from the week in a portfolio for their classmates and family to enjoy, you have created memorable masterpieces. A creative way to display the portfolio is in an empty popcorn box. On the last day of this expository writing unit have a popcorn taste test. Students get to try out three different kinds of popcorn. Then put their persuasive writing skills to the test. They must convince others that their favorite is #1!

Want to take this idea a step farther?
*Go through the steps of the scientific method with a popcorn taste test.
*Practice gathering and organizing data with graphs about your class taste test results.
*Have students use their power of persuasion to write and direct commercials that advertise the yummiest brand.

To download this entire writing portfolio click here. Happy Writing!


  1. Great idea Mrs.W O and i love the computer scrapbook paper!