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Valentines counting

Today Kaitlyn helped me to make her Valentines for her little friends. We worked on colors and numbers. She had to count out 15 candy hearts for each bag, fill the bag and then pass it to me to put the topper on...it took a lot longer than me just doing them peacefully during naptime. But they mean a whole lot more to her than you can imagine. She helped to make a list of a couple friends she wanted to give them to and even knew exactly which bag she wanted each person to have! Great way to reinforce those basic skills while including your child in making their own valentines.

It's not too late to purchase these printable just go to Magic By Marcy and get them for just $3!
Print at home on cardstock in just a few minutes you can have unique valentines for you little one to share with their friends.
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  1. Hi Marcy! I'm Gaia and I live in Italy! I found you in etsy! I'm traying to sell my digital pattern on etsy too! I am the mother of four children. I wish you and your family all the best! :)


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