Monday, March 19, 2012

Staycation starts now

Our family is welcoming our dear friend Ashley and her three little ones to our home for the week of spring break. Some might shriek with terror at the thought of four that are four years old and under in close quarters for that long, but we are counting down the minutes until they arrive! Mack and I have left her children Will, Carolina, and Walker a little bed side table treat to make them feel at home. I gathered things from the dollar bins at Target and our pantry to show how excited we are to have them. Of course along with the treats (animal crackers and a few pieces of candy), there are educational items too (coloring books, crayons, counting books, and an early reader). Find something cute to collect all the goodies in and make a card to match the theme. We are ushering in spring around here and Mack has been enthralled with all the bumblebees in the yard, so there you have it!

It only takes a few dollars and some love to make your guests big and small feel right at home. Remember just because kids are taking a break from school this week, doesn't mean that learning has to take a break. Make it your mission to introduce your children to something new while together as a family. Your first lesson can be the importance of being a good host or hostess!


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