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What does it take to trap a leprechaun?

It's leprechaun season around here, and that means it's time to trap a few of these little folk legends. I've seen and heard all the fun chaos (do those two words go together?) that leprechauns can bring to primary classrooms, but I want my fifth graders to join in on the festivities. Since St. Patrick's day also falls in the season of testing in Florida, I want to make sure that my students are using their science skills to lure these mysterious Irish guys into some well designed traps.

I have Irish roots and can thank my ancestors for freckles and fair skin, but also for the fun that goes along with this holiday. Here are a few things I've told my students to be aware of:

* Leprechauns are little and can fit into the craziest of spaces.
* They're probably wearing green, have a red beard, and most likely a top hat.
* Legend has it that they are looking for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Here are some cute and creative takes on trapping the little men.

Source: Tip Junkie

My wish upon a rainbow would be for my students to have to use at least two simple machines in their trap design, bait, and a written description of how they accomplished this goal. You can find my direction page here. If my students are LUCKY I might put out some items like Popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, string, clothespins, tape, glue, cages (strawberry containers), and whatever else I can round up. You want the children to be inventive and creative with this, so don't give them too much!

Marcy has some great rainbow crafts for preschool and primary students coming in the next couple of days. Make sure to follow the rainbow back here soon!

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