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Graduation Time is here!

 It seems like this school year has just flown by, we have already entered the Graduation season, some schools have just let out and a few have a few more weeks. However much time you have left you want to make those last few days as memorable as you can for your students. Take a little time out of your schedule to create somke memories, check out a few of our favorite projects below.

1. Create one of a kind invitations for your little graduates, these can be made out of round cardboard boxes, found at most craft stores and some scrapbook paper, Visit Clean and Scentsible for a great tutorial!

2. Yummy Diploma cookies from Land of Lakes, these would be a great treat for an after graduation reception.

3. A great way to remember all of your little ones in your class, take a few minutes to have them think about what they want to be when they grow up. Ask them individually so you get some genuine answers. Class Photo

4. Have your students create self portraits of them with their cap on, this would make a great display for graduation day! 

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Grab your FREEBIE below. We have two simple activities that will keep your students engaged those last couple of days, The first one has your little ones thinking about their future profession, this would be a great writing piece to compliment the pictures featured above, add it to a class book, or laminate it with the students picture to send home as a keepsake. The second activity in this kit is a class newspaper, have your current students interview each other and record highlights from their grade level, favorite lessons, field trips, lunches memories etc. Then have them edit their articles to create a newspaper, decorate the title, add headlines and articles and have one sitting on each desk during next years student orientation. Your upcoming students will love getting a message from last years class!

 To get the FREEBIE click the image below to go to our store.

This mama shed a few tears this year at Pre-K graduation, hard to believe my little one will be off to Kindergarten next year.

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