Monday, November 25, 2013

Elf on the shelf Classroom Activities and Ideas 

Most teachers are winding down their Thanksgiving festivities and starting to plan for the few weeks of school before the winter holiday break. Let's face it students come back after Thanksgiving with Christmas on the brain and it's hard to regain their focus once the S word has been muttered....SANTA! Everywhere you look Christmas is already arriving, from Target to the Mall the halls have been decked and the toy shelves are stocked. So if you are looking for a fun way to keep your students on task and learning why not try introducing a little Santa's helper into your classroom. Whether he is store bought or handmade all you need is a little elf that can perch himself around your room. Each day he will report back to Santa whether your students have been naughty or nice, oh and of course he might cause a little mischief here and there in your classroom. We have found lots of fun ideas to keep your elf entertained while he visits your class, check out our Pinterest boards for some fun and creative ideas.

With our Activity kit students can write a daily report as part of their morning routine, creating a report that includes the date time and location where the incident occurred and documents your class elf's behavior while he visits. Students can also get creative and use the writing prompts to explore a little further. The kit also contains holiday word work and sentence activities where students will cut out letters and recreate holiday vocab words in the see, write, draw spell method.

Help the Elf on the shelf come to life with this cute kit. Keep track of your Class Elf with daily reports and journal activities. Keep students engaged and working during independent time with cute holiday word work or holiday sentence activities.
Click on the image below to visit our store for more info!
 We would love to hear how you use the elf in your classroom, chat with us on facebook!


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