Monday, February 13, 2017


Looking for a last minute idea for your class....look no further we have you covered. If you are anything like us you are crazy this time of year. Between meetings, lesson plans, test prep and the flu my weeks have flown by how in teh world is it already mid February? So without a ton of time to spend paroozing the aisles of Target I needed something simple and easy for Valentine's Day this year. These are about as simple as it gets. Just purchase, download and print at your local 1 hr photo's that easy!
I even snagged some fun colorful pens and washi tape to add to these adorable cards. Total trip less than 5 minutes.........truth be told its so simple even a husband can do it, I may have sent him to grab these while I got the kids ready for bed.
So if you are running behind and still want something adorable for your students this Valentine's Day no worries swing by Simply Sprout's TPT store and download yours today. 


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