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Summer study bags

Help keep your kids school ready with a fun summer study bag. Fill it with journals, books, flashcards and more. Take it to use while you wait at the doctor's office, summer road trips or anytime you need to keep your little ones occupied.

Composition book scan be transformed into summer travel journals or a collection of writing adventures. Here are a few fun writing prompts your student can use over the summer to keep those writing skills sharp for when they head back to school. Just write one at the top of each page.

I ran to the beach and jumped right in to the ocean then I saw a giant...
I woke up and couldn't believe my eyes standing right in front of me was...
It's been raining all week long, if it rains for one more minute I might start to see...
If I could design the prefect bedroom it would...
I just won two free tickets to...
Create your own dream shopping list...what would you buy?
You are an all star sports player/ super start scientist / teacher / actress / lawyer write about what your life might look like...

The writing possibilities are endless!

Don't forget to add in a few of your child's favorite books and a book buddy to read to...to check out all of the details on how to create your own summer study bag visit FUN365.

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