Monday, April 23, 2012

Mommy & Me Mondays: Keeping little hands busy with a mini aquarium

Like most women I wear many hats.  Probably too many at times!  The hat that fits the best and is comfy and cozy is the one of Mama.  That is what my 19 month old Mack calls me.  He is a wild and crazy little boy who is constantly wanting to play and explore.  It’s tough at times to switch hats between teaching 10 and 11 year old students to this little guy, but I’m up for the challenge!
Mack is a counting machine these days.  He loves to count everything around him, as long as it falls between two and 16.  For some reason he isn’t really into the number one.  We’ve been reading Audrey Wood’s Ten Little Fish to hone our counting skills.  Her rhyming words and the book’s illustrations inspired me to make an Aquarium Bag for Mack.  I’m always looking for a quick project for he and I to do at home that doesn’t involve a trip to the store for materials, or extensive setup and cleanup. 

To make your own Aquarium bag with your little one just grab a gallon sized resealable bag, clear dish soap (fill bag about ¼ of the way full, a few drops of food coloring, sequins, pearl beads, small sea shells, or anything else that inspires you!  Mack helped me count out these different ocean objects and we sealed it up!  We headed outside on a beautiful day to play with our mini aquarium.  Mack loved the bubbles the soap made, and all the colors.  If you lay the bag flat it makes a great surface for writing with your finger on.  Mack and I practiced counting out loud as I wrote the number with my finger on the bag.

It’s simple, educational, and fun!  Just what we all need on a Monday!  The hat of Mama is important and rewarding.  Remember that you are your child’s best teacher.  Look around your house or your community and see what experiences you can share with your child this week.



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