Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Litter Bugs

We can't seem to get enough of this Earth loving theme! Here's a quick project that makes great reuse of your trash. Does your family recycle? We sure hope so. If not, what better time to start this healthy Earth habit! This activity is an excellent way to engage children in a conversation about recycling. Point out how your family or classroom sorts items to be recycled. Let the little ones look through the recycling bin and choose some items to re-purpose and make into a Litter Bug!

Wash items well and put children's creativity to work. They can design their own recyclable animal using items like water bottles, fruit cups, newspaper, scrap paper, discarded craft items, cereal boxes, etc. Make sure that you have markers and a hot glue gun (for adult use of course) handy.

Encourage children to make up a story about their newly discovered animal. Have them brainstorm about what kind of habitat this animal would call home. For older children you can ask them to list any adaptations that this animal has in order to survive.

A great lesson about recycling that is quick, creative, and makes this mother and Mother Nature smile!


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