Monday, April 30, 2012

A World of Colors

It's that time of year that the world around us is popping with lots of color. Our family has been able to spend a lot of time in the yard recently, and we're loving it! Children Mack's age are taking so much in as they explore the world around them. They are feeling, touching, smelling, seeing, eating (some things they shouldn't!), and really getting to discover life. This has been such a fun age for us to hear Mack's version of all the things he is learning day to day. I try hard to remember to point out to him the variety of colors that make up the environment around us. While walking, reading, and driving, we interact with a rainbow of shades. He is learning to point them out to me too! In honor of the colors that surround us, we headed to the porch for some painting. I started the project by taking a paper plate and cutting it to mimic an artist's palette. Then I drew four circles, and outlined them in different colors (green, red, blue, and orange). I put a little squirt of each color of those colors of paint on a different paper plate and we talked about the shades. 

Then he matched them up to the circles on the palette(with my help of course). We also talked about the shape of a circle as he was using his little fingers to fill in the areas. It was a great teachable moment that was fun and easy (as easy as paint can be with a 19 month old!). 

He was quite proud of his masterpiece and I was proud of my little artist!

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