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Olympic Fun For Kids

We're running, jumping, and stroking with excitement to start the 2012 Olympics in just over a week!  The Olympics are a great opportunity to teach children about not only a variety of sports, but also sportsmanship, diversity, and spirit!  Over the next couple of days I will share with you some really simple ways to get into the Olympic spirit with your kids. 

These activities are great for the youngest of Olympians all the way to older Olympians (I start my fifth grade year off every four years with this unit, and the kids love it!).  Each day I will give you an extension activity for little ones and big ones.  But before all the fun begins gather a couple of things around the house so that you're ready for Simply Sprout's Opening Ceremonies tomorrow!

What you'll need for your backyard Olympics:

* Straws
* Kid friendly scissors
* Red, yellow, and orange tissue paper
* Pencil
* Tape
* Cotton balls
* Tin foil
* Paper plates
* Circular plastic top to a food container
* Washable paint
* Piece of ribbon
* Party hats or cups
* Green construction paper
* Glue stick

Don't be nervous.  It looks like a lot of stuff to gather, but I'm pretty sure most of it is in your house somewhere!  Also, you can adapt these however you would like.  Make it fun and easy for your family! 

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