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Splish Splash for Swimming Lessons

Tomorrow marks the first day of swim lessons for both Marcy's family and mine.  Seems that swim lessons are a rite of passage in the summer time, and we both look forward to having our children gain a little more confidence in the water.  Many of you moms will be heading to the local pool with your kiddies this summer, and believe it or not, this is a valued time together.  Your children spend a lot of time in water at your side, and so it's only fitting that you both are confident in each others skills!

Marcy and I have children that are years apart taking swimming lessons, and both will hopefully gain age appropriate skills to make them more fish like.  The American Academy of Pediatrics backs the use of swim lessons among not only preschool aged children and up, but they also site the benefits of swim training for babies and toddlers.  For years they recommended against lessons for the littlest ones, but now see no harm in training children to be comfortable in the water.  Obviously all children still need your utmost attention while in the pool, and even the best of lessons isn't going to create a drown resistant child. 

Since moms are sometimes that member of the household that sets up swimming lessons, make this summer a learning one.  Research lessons that are available in your community.  Locations, instructors, and facilities are important factors to consider.  Ask other moms what their experiences have been, and go from there.  Even in our relatively small town you can sign up for Mommy and Me swim classes all the way to swim teams for young children.

Here are some American Academy of Pediatrics' recommendations when it comes to teaching children to swim:

* Do not allow children to run around the pool deck.
* Keep pool toys away from the pool side when not in use.
* Make sure to deflate pool toys after each use.
* Do not allow children to dive in the shallow end.
* Do not put any moving toys near a pool.

Make swim lessons a summer bucket list item for your family.  So get out there and scoop those arms, kick those legs, and soak up these times together!

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