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Our top teacher picks for the perfect reading nook!

Whether your classroom is big or small, a cozy place to read is a must.  We've both taught in spacious rooms and portables, and it's always been a priority of ours to create a reading nook for our students.  You will have avid readers and reluctant readers, so strive to make a space that is welcoming to all.  Here are some of our picks for reading nooks in your classroom or home.  Books are even better when loved, so ask around for donated books and items that will make your space just right!

 a. Every Reading center needs to start with a bright, cozy rug. This one is a steal at $24 (Wal-mart)

b. Throw pillows that are durable and easy to clean are a must. These have a material that you can just wipe right off for easy cleaning (Wal-mart)

c. Colorful book baskets with labels to keep all of your themed books together. This help little ones learn to sort books by subject or genre. (Really Good Stuff)

d. Little stools or chairs that are bright and whimsical, again think easy to clean. These plastic ones are just $7 and wipe right off with a  Clorox wipe (Ikea)

e. Each year I create a tree in my classroom, I use brown butcher paper for the trunk and the branches. I add 4 of these colorful leaves to create a cozy little canopy for my little readers. (Ikea)

f. labels for your book baskets to keep everything in it's place (Really Good Stuff)

g. Bean bags are a must for comfort, however I hate picking up all those pieces when they break. Ikea has the solution. Their inserts are filled with air...no more tiny styrofoam balls! (Ikea)

h. A soft fabric bookcase is ideal for younger students and large oversized books (Target) 

h. A large corner bookcase that allows little ones to reach their books with ease (Really Good Stuff)

i. This neat grass bookshelf from boon is whimsical and adds to the nature theme, just slide books in between the blades of grass. (Target)

I love designing a creative space for my little readers to blossom. Watching their faces as they enter my room each year and see the large reading tree with it's mighty leaves makes all the work worth it! Use your creativity to create something one of a kind for your students. Keep in mind these three things, comfort, access and function.

a. A wire basket in your reading nook is a great way to put books on display that relate to your science, social studies, or language arts topics.  I love using picture books in my classroom, and this way students can easily see some great book choices! (Urban Outfitters)

b.  Make your space cozy with a rug.  The more comfortable the space, the more your readers will linger.  (Target)

c.  Paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling are a fun way to make the space festive and intimate.  Simply hang from fishing line at different heights.  (Target)

d.  Butterfly chairs aren't only for dorm rooms.  They make a great addition to a reading nook in a classroom.  (Target)

e.  Sometimes classrooms are short on organization furniture.  This bookshelf can hold lots of books and create a divide in your space.  Look for new inexpensive ones or used ones in your community.  (Ikea)

f.  Make sure to have a variety of books in your reading nook.  Students can donate gently used books at the beginning of the year to add to your collection.  Having a series like Gregor the Overlander provides students a great reason to keep reading!

g.  Floor pillows can be an inexpensive way of assuring that everyone has their own space in your nook.  Our classroom rule is one person per cushion or chair, and when they're full the nook is full. (Urban Outfitters)

h.  I love the whimsical nature, but inspiring message of this poster.  Create a space full of motivation for your young readers.  (Etsy - Parada Creations)

We hope that you have been inspired to redo your old reading corner and create an inspiring place for your students to develop their passion for reading! We would love to see your creative ideas for a reading nook. please send photos and a description to simplysprout@gmail.com


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