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Simply Sprout's Back to School In Style

My students throw around the word "swagger" a lot and I think nothing shows off your swag better than back to school clothes.  It's a fun time of year for sure, and I have fond memories of picking out the perfect outfit for the first day.  It might have been jellies and tight rolled jeans, but look...what was old is new again! 

Marcy and I thought it would be fun to put together some back to school picks for the little ones (Pre K - 2nd grade) and the older ones (3rd - 5th grade).  They're practical picks from a teacher's point of view, but still high on the cool factor!  

(a)    Classic solid Polo shirts can be combined with many different outfits (Ralph Lauren, TJ Maxx)
(b)   Headbands and barrettes to keep their beautiful hair neatly tied back (old navy)
(c)    Short sleeve loose fitting shirts. (Gymboree)
(d)   Skorts are a must have for active little girls. (Gymboree)
(e)   Ralph lauren Polos are perfect under dresses and can me mixed an matched a number of ways (Ralph Lauren, TJ Maxx)
(f)     A classic Denim dress worn with leggings is perfect for Fall Pictures (Gap)
(g)    Lightweight raincoat for the rainy days. (Gymboree)
(h)   A pair of rain boots ( kept in the car) for rainy morning carpool, once they are on dry land they can change into their regular shoes (Gymboree)
(i)      Every mama loves a bargain! These $5 polos are a must have. (Old Navy)
(j)     A good pair of jeans that fit! They need to be above the waist to keep up with active kids, you want them to be comfortable so their focus is on learning. (Old Navy)
(k)    Let their personality shine with a cute pair of ballet flats (Old Navy)
(l)      I love Pottery Barn Kids Backpacks because you can find just the right size, and you can have them personalized so they don’t wind up in lost and found. Backpacks need to be proportionate to your child. It needs to hold a folder or two and a lunch box. (Pottery Barn Kids)
(m) Lightweight plaid shirts are perfect for the start of school.  (Gymboree)
(n)   Pull on jeans are perfect for your little ones who are still struggling with their independence. This will ensure there are no bathroom accidents trying to unbutton and unzip regular jeans.  (Gymboree)
(o)   Lightweight graphic tees with age appropriate pictures are perfect for school  (Gymboree)
(p)   Khaki Cargo shorts go with just about anything, no more struggling to match outfits each morning ( Gymboree)
(q)   A medium weight jacket ready for cooler morning temps, great to have on hand before cold weather strikes…(be sure to write your child’s name on the tag)
(r)     A colorful reusable lunchbox, give your kids some freedom let them pick their own unique style (Pottery Barn Kids)
(s)    A comfortable pair of tennis shoes, little ones need to wear closed toed shoes to school for comfort as well as safety (JC Penneys)

Parents remember your little ones are headed to school to learn, keep the focus on comfort and safety. Make life a little easier on you and buy outfits that can be interchanged, basic pieces that will wear and wash well. To ensure that your jackets and other items make it home be sure to label EVERYTHING!!!!! We love using  The Lollipop Label Shop for labels, they stick directly to your clothing tags and hold up to multiple washings.

(a)    Ahoy classmateys with a boatneck shirt (Old Navy)
(b)   Classic khaki shorts for boy and girls are essential for the school year. (Gap)
(c)    Belts are a must for growing kiddos. (Gap and J. Crew)
(d)   Plaid and patterned shorts are perfect with crisp white shirts. (Gap)
(e)   Lightweight raincoat for the rainy days. (L.L. Bean)
(f)     A good fitting pair of tennis shoes are key for recess and P.E. (New Balance)
(g)    Show your style on fall picture day. (J. Crew and Gap)
(h)   Fight for a cause!  These J. Crew shirts help our neighbors on the Gulf Coast and Toms provide shoes to children in need.
(i)      A quality backpack to carry work to and fro! (L.L. Bean)
(j)     Essentially a fabulous read for students, parents, and teachers of a 3rd-5th grader. Ron Clark’s Essential 55.
(k)    Cheer on your favorite team this fall with a retro vibe.  (J. Crew)
(l)      You don’t have to be from the island to love Bermuda shorts.  (J. Crew)
(m) Let your face shine!  Pull back that pretty hair so that you can concentrate with a cute headband.  (J. Crew)
(n)   My students get obsessed with hoodies, so let’s layer instead with lightweight shirts. (J. Crew)
(o)   Practice wastefree lunches with a non-disposable lunch bag.  (Vera Bradley)

Oh and since money doesn't grow on trees, make your shopping trip a good math lesson.  Have your elementary aged children practice their estimating skills as they are so quickly throwing items into the buggy.  They can also practice adding with decimals too!  For those who live in states who practice "tax free times", this becomes an easier math lesson for children to add and come up with a total before they get to the cash register. 

So get your swag on and show your back to school style when the bell rings!

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