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Lil Sprouts Book Club: So Many Monsters

Everyone knows I am a Target addict, it's really not a secret any more, I just can't help myself. Ever since they started with the dollar bins right as you enter the store... game over! You can find the best little deals and seasonal items. In fact I scored a few Halloween goodies I thought I would share. For my little man these $1 board books are ideal, they can be dropped, smashed, drooled on and it doesn't bust our budget, at just $1 they are the perfect addition to any toddlers library. The text is simple and the pages are few but they are great for indentifying objects and introducing higher order thinking skills.
Can you show me where the mosters eyes are? 
How many teeth does he have? 
Where is the green monster?
These discovery questions help to satisfy your little ones ever expanding vocabulary.

And teachers don't discount these basic little books, they even have a place in the classroom. They are great for teaching sentence structure, parts of speech, grammar skills, the list goes on and on.

I also scored these super cute BINGO cards in the $1 section. My little ones had a lot of fun playing this one, using candy corn as their markers....My son's candy corn didn't last long. This would be a great adjective activity. Have your little one describe using adjectives the item they land on and you try to guess what they are describing before they can mark it off on their board.

For a fun little afternoon project we made a super cute Monster frame, I picked up a green glitter frame at Target and a few different sized google eyes from Hobby Lobby. They were stickers so my daughter did this entirely on her own. Just peel and stick, she randomly placed them along the frame.

We just love the monster theme. There are so many cute projects out there. In fact we have found a few of our favorites just for you, stop by our Pinterest board for a little monster inspiration.

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