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We have gone MAD here at Simply Sprout. We are simply MAD about science! We have had a lot of fun designing this colorful MAD About Science kit for teachers. Our focus was making science fun and engaging for students. We chose a couple of our favorite classroom experiments and created materials that would help to introduce the scientific process.
This colorful kit is the perfect way to introduce general science skills to your students. It contains four fun Halloween themed science labs that will be sure to bring out the mad scientist in your students. The kit also includes writing reflections and activity extenders as well as resources for your bulletin boards and a colorful science word wall.
This kit contains:
2 science journal covers
Teacher notes for experiments
Magic Potions lab activity
Spooky Slime Reflection sheet
Spooky Slime Writing Activity
Secret Potions Lab activity
Magic Mixtures Lab Activity
Scientific Process General Lab sheet
Making Observations Lab Activity
I'm a Mad Scientist Writing Activity
My Reflections Writing Activity
Mad scientist Labels (perfect for lab coats or name badges)
Science Word Wall (15 Pages) Colorful bulletin Board set includes 3x5 index card style vocabulary cards, including blank ones you can use to ass your own terms. (font used smiley monster)
Colorful Monsters (13 pages) perfect to use as labels for individual student work or class decor
Colorful Alphabet A-Z and numbers 0-9 includes ! and ? and a blank to add whatever you would like. (Perfect for bulletin boards and class signs)
Scientific method strips (Hypothesis, Observations, Procedure, Data, Research, Experiment and Conclusions)
Class signs with definition (2 sizes) (Hypothesis, Observations, Experiment, Research and Conclusions)

Discover the more colorful side of science with this Word Wall from our Mad About Science Kit. Just print, cut and laminate for a quick and easy bulletin board display that will help build scientific vocabulary and inspire your Mad Scientists! Our kit contains everything you would need to make your own science word wall. There are even blank cards included so you can add your own vocabulary throughout the year.

The scientific method can easily be displayed on your white board or a bulletin board with these headers. Walk your students through an experiment using these headers, and simply add your own written text below. This will help show your students exactly how the scientific process flows from one step to another and will help you review and relate back to the steps as you work through an experiment.

 Large signs defining the steps in the scientific process are also included, these are ideal for introducing the scientific process.


There are also printables that you will find useful to use on your science experiments to help walk your students through the scientific process as you go. Use individually or combine all together with some ribbon to make a Mad About Science journal.

Your little scientists will go MAD when they get their hands on our Magic Potions and Spooky Slime labs. They are two of our all time classroom favorites for scientific exploration and discovery.

The Magic Potions Lab is designed to use with multiple experiments. The lab is designed to have students use their senses and their observation skills to form a hypothesis, document the steps to their experiment and then formulate their conclusion as to what type of reaction occurred based on their observations.

Here are a few experiments you can try using the Magic Potions Lab sheet

 Your little scientists are given small containers with two substances, they can use their senses (except taste) to explore them. You can introduce and discuss the states of matter (liquid, solid and gas) 

To make a large batch of Spooky Slime this is what you need:
- 1 cup water
- 1.5-2 cups corn starch
- a few drops of food coloring of your choice
Have them mix their two potions (colored water and corn starch) in a Ziploc bag. 
Once mixed thoroughly have them take it out and give it a try. What do they think they have made?

Explain to students that spooky slime has properties, or characteristics, of a solid and a liquid.  That makes it a non-newtonian fluid.  Allow time for children to explore and play with the substance.  They should eventually see that Spooky Slime acts like a liquid when poured, and a solid when a force is applied to it.  

Extend the learning and fun by placing a tray with different objects out for children to explore their Spooky Slime even further.  Some suggested items would be straws, scissors, plastic play knives, spoons, and measuring spoons.

For your younger students have them use finger paint to make an artistic representation of their spooky slime. Add a pair of googly eyes and ask them what their slime looks like. This is great for a Halloween display in your classroom or around school. Your older students can use the reflection pages provided to document their findings.

For some other fun edible potions have students mix instant pudding powder and milk, to create a fun science snack. Kool-Aid powder and water. You can also have them mix solids together (candy corn, cereal, M&M's, and raisins) to create a mixture rather than a solution, and discuss the difference between the two.

Another Magic Potion experiment you can try is using a container filled with baking soda, add a little vinegar (we added a few drops of food coloring to ours for a very visual effect)

No matter how many times you do this the reactions are priceless! Definitely a class pleaser that will get your students MAD about science!

We are so thankful to have two of the cutest scientists around to help out in our laboratory!
We hope you will be inspired to share some science fun with your students, and what better way to start that with a few Halloween science activities that are sure to have your little scientists begging for more!

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  1. Oh my word!!!! This is simply brilliant, and cute, and on target. What a great tie-in with the Halloween theme.

    Granny Goes to School

  2. So glad you love it! It is one of our favorites to teach, perfect for Halloween science rotations amongst teams.


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