Monday, October 1, 2012

Mommy and Me: Sorting by Differences

My two year old is becoming very aware of differences.  He points out things that are bigger or smaller, taller or shorter, loud or quiet, and the list goes on.  These little observations are just the beginning signs that he is starting to categorize the world around him, and also lead to an easy Mommy & Me activity for the two of us on a Monday morning.

We gathered all the fire trucks that we could find in a bright red bin and headed to the porch.  Then we started sorting and classifying.  We compared trucks by their size, their equipment, their noises, their wheels, and more.  Classifying can be done with tons of objects around the house, outside, or in the classroom.  In my classroom I love giving my students random bags of items in which they have to brainstorm the best ways to classify the items into groups. 

Explore the world around you together!  Whether you're sorting items in your living room, pantry, or on the playground, you're teaching great thinking skills to your little ones!


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