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Turkey Day art projects

Looking for an easy way to keep your little ones occupied while you slave away in the kitchen. Get a few easy art projects ready so they can have a little fun while you are prepping for the big meal.

Cut a paper plate in half and then cut red, orange and yellow tissue paper into small squares. Have your little one cut out shapes that you have traced a circle for the body a triangle for the beak and 2 feet. If hey aren't ready to cut on their own just have these shapes pre-cut for them to glue together. I love using the google eyed stickers, easy for little hands to put together. We cut a slit in our brown circle and used a tiny water balloon (deflated) to add a little waddle to our turkey.

A few more ideas for you...

Have older kids alphabetize the cans you are using for your Thanksgiving meal
Give little ones paper plates, utensils, napkins and cups...have them practice setting the table
Let them use some of that left over dough from your pumpkin pie to roll out and make their own shapes.

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