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Month of Joy: Family Game night

 What brings more JOY than a game night? I love watching my kids have a good time, I can't imagine any better way than to spend a cold winter night inside having fun. 
To raise the bar and excitement for your players assemble a winners box containing small toys and trinkets for your winners to choose from ( The Dollar Tree is great for this)
To get started with a family game night gather a few household items and let the fun begin:

Tower of Cups: 
Use plastic cups to create a tower and then collapse it. Time each participant and the best time wins. to vary the difficulty level add more cups. 

Cup Toss:    
Set up cups like bowling pins, assign a point value using a post it and a marker ( or you can write directly onto the cup) Have your players toss coins or beans, (whatever you happen to have on hand)  into the cups. Give each player a minute to toss items into cups...highest score wins.

The Perfect Shot :
This is a partner game. One partner ties a clipboard around his waist and stands behind a small box. The other partner throws ping pong balls attempting to bank the shot off the clipboard and into the box. First team to get get 5 balls in wins!

Puzzle Mania:
Cut the front side off of a cereal box (you will need 2 that are the same) Using a paper cutter cut into 4 inch squares to create a puzzle. Contestants must be the first one to finish the puzzle to win.
 Shake what your mama gave you!
 Use empty Kleenex boxes, cut a hole in the bottom, strap on using a belt. Fill with ping pong balls. Each contestant has to jump, shake or move to get their balls out the fastest. Don't underestimate those younger players....they might just have you beat!
 These are just a few ideas to create a one of a kind game night for your little ones at home......get creative and get ready to laugh as your little ones put on their game face! These ideas would also work well as a Holiday party for your students....a great alternative to the standard cupcakes and sugar highs!

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