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Let's celebrate 100 Days in school with a mini kit

The 100th Day of school is quickly approaching, our students have been in in school over half of the year! All of the learning that has taken place is definitely something to celebrate! 
We have created a mini kit perfect for the 100th day of school.

 Celebrate the 100th Day of school 
with our collection of Journal prompts and activities.

This Kit contains:
7 journal prompts and 2 blank journal pages
2 crowns perfect for a 100 day celebration
Counting to 100 snack activity
What have you learned in 100 days ( self reflection page)
drawing a collection of 100 circles

Here are a few of our favorite activities for the 100th Day

1. Making fun 100th Day shirts, this can be a homework project or something you do together as a class. If your kids are computer savvy just have them use Microsoft word to create a collection of 100 items. To do this they can select one clip art image (resize to be small) show them how to use CTRL C to copy and CTRL V to paste till they have a collection of a 100. Print onto AVERY Dark tshirt transfer paper and iron on to shirts ( perfect task for those helpful parent volunteers. Or go an easier route using puffy paint. View Here

2. Gumball collections of 100. Use a pencil eraser dipped in paint to create a 100 gumballs in your gumball machine. View here

3. Give your students the numbers 1 0 0 and a sheet of blank construction paper. Have them create their own masterpiece. Use one of our journal pages from our 100 Days Kit to add a story to their artistic creation. This makes a great classroom display. View Here

4. 1 100 Days necklace, get fruit loops and have students sort them into colors grabbing 10 of each colors ( some will have to be used twice) thread onto yarn, tie ends and attach onto a 100 diecut from Creative Teaching press. View Here

5. 100 days snack  is always a lot of fun. Have students make a trail mix using 10 of each items 
(marshmallows, raisins,fruit loop cereal, m+m's, pretzels, cheerios, chocolate chips etc) Give each child a large piece of construction paper to sort their snack. Grouping each item by 10. View Here

To get the party started we hope you enjoy this freebie from our 100th Day Kit

 Stop by our Pinterest boards for more ideas for the 100th day!

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