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Snowflake Fun!

It's a new year and a new opportunity to make the most of each day of 2013.  Over the holidays many tragic, but also joyous things transpired throughout our world and our homes.  As I was thinking about these individual events, I realized that these are unique and delicate matters that shape our outlook of the world around us. 

So as I was faced with a two year that decided to skip a nap the other day, I decided to rise above my frustration and savor this rainy winter afternoon with him.  Since our residence in the Sunshine State does not afford us snowy days, we decided to pretend that it was snowing outside.  We donned hats and mittens (for a bit) and created unique and delicate snowflakes. 

With brightly colored tissue paper from the scrap basket we made circles and then formed special snowflakes.  The "master of the glue stick" was busy placing each flake carefully on a piece of white card stock paper.

I was feeling extra adventurous and brought out the Mod Podge to seal his snowflake collage.  You could also make a mixture of glue water to give the collage a finished look. 

These collages would make for a sweet card sent to a grandparent far away, or laminate it for a colorful place mat.

Our snowy fun continued to the kitchen where we made Borax snowflakes.  Super simple, a fun science lesson, and a beautiful masterpiece in the end.

For this fun snow activity, and other winter fun check out our newest primary and intermediate Winter Work packs in our Simply Sprout store.

For more snowy crafts ideas check out our recent "Snow Day".  

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