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Month of Joy: A Southern Snow Day

Paper plate snowmen are about as close as we get to Frosty down in the deep south.  We dodge hurricanes and tropical storms, but the chances of relishing in a day off from school due to snow is unfathomable.  So each year it brings me joy to host a "Snow Day" in my classroom.  This year, I ventured to my son's class for a wintery day of fun!  I always ask the students to wear their pjs to school, and the fun begins from there!

Some snow fun activities:

* Pin the nose on the snowman.
* Make snowflake ornaments.
* Make jingle bell necklaces.
* Compare and contrast snow and sand (since we have plenty of that in Florida).  I let the children feel sand and then feel some Insta-Snow.
* Collect mittens and socks for our local homeless shelter.
* Snowman art work (the paper plate creation above was a perfect place for some finger painting fun for toddlers).
* Snowman snacks
* Research snowy habitats.
* Find a city that has snowy weather on a day that we have mild and sunny weather.

Foam snowflake cutouts from the dollar section at Target were a perfect place for a tiny hand print.  This child decided he didn't want to put his pinky finger down!

Turning a plain white gift bag into a snowman sack is a great way to transport a child's Snow Day creations home.

Snowman pancakes with gumdrop buttons, chocolate chips, candy corn, and a little powdered sugar makes for a yummy treat!

Another easy snowman treat can be created with powdered doughnuts, mini chocolate chips, and candy corn.  Let the kids enjoy some hot chocolate and marshmallows too!

Whether a white Christmas is in the forecast for your area or not, you still can have tons of snowy fun with children!

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