Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Month of JOY: 12/12/12

Nothing brings me more JOY than some math fun!

Today is 12/12/12 it is officially the last time we will ever see a repeating date again. So why not take a little break from all of the holiday fun to celebrate numbers, specifically the number 12.
Here area  few fun activities you can do to celebrate:

Make a dozen cupcakes or cookies, when decorating them add 12 pieces of candy to the top of each one.
For your little ones Draw a large number 12 and have them add 12 colorful stickers to their number. Practice saying each number as they apply the sticker.
Using an cupcake tray ( most are divided into 12 little cups) have your little one go on a scavenger hunt finding 12 of each item (small beans, pennies, cotton balls, small toys, crayons, candy etc)
Introduce counting by 2's to 12, count backwards and forwards
Make a paper chain with a countdown to Christmas Eve (just 12 days away)

Enjoy Celebrating 12/12/12 with a FREEBIE from Simply Sprout
Introduce the number 12 using the sheet below. To see the entire kit visit our Simply Sprout Store

Image credit:  http://www.scrapbookladypages.com/2012/01/12-of-12-in-12.html


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