Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Month of Joy: Giving Hearts

For a goat, he's pretty cute isn't he?  I find great joy today in knowing that my students came together to learn, celebrate diversity, and give a goat!  For the past several years I have challenged my students to purchase an animal through organizations like Heifer International, Mercy Corps, and Samaritan's Purse to be given to a stranger far away.  A gift that they would not see delivered, one that did not come with a gift in return, and certainly no follow up thank you note.  However, they were still eager to provide this gift of nourishment, income, and independence to complete strangers.  

This year they researched several animals and decided that they wanted to purchase a goat.  Although we are not positive of where our goat is going, we also decided that we would study the African country of Malawi.  Malawi is one of the countries that the organization we chose delivers goats to.  My students studied the traditions, languages, religions, economy, sports, and geography of this far off country.  They also learned about the benefits the goat would bring to a village in Malawi.  

What a great lesson for children at this time of year and always, the joy of giving. Teach your children that it truly is better to give than receive whether it be in your home, in your community, or across the globe.


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