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 St. Patrick's Day is this coming weekend, we sure hope you will take a few of our ideas and implement them into your activities this week. Today we are focusing on a St. Patty's Day fave... Lucky Charms....We have a Magically Delicious Math activity for you and some other great ideas to keep your students engaged and excited.

1. Add a little green food coloring to your milk for an extra fun surprise
This makes a great class snack.....but before you eat use the worksheet featured below for a quick math activity.
2. Have your students decorate cupcakes with their lucky charms
4. Have students sort lucky charms into shapes and colors. Use for patterning, graphing, sorting and as math counters for addition and subtraction facts. Have your students create descriptive color names for their marshmallows (ex Flaming hot orange, flamingo pink)
For your younger friends have them glue their marshmallows onto a rainbow to show color recognition.
5. Easy math activity from simply sprout 


We just love the idea of having students create their own leprechaun. Once completed incorporate a writing activity on using adjectives to create descriptive sentences. See how creative your students can get. Have them introduce their leprechaun's to the class to get them comfortable with their public speaking skills.

 Looking for a treat for your class or Preschool friends...

 Just right click and save the image below, insert image into a word document and drag corners to resize as needed. Just put some lucky charms in a ziploc bag and staple on the bag topper, instant treats for your class.

We hope you have a Very Happy St. Patrick's Day Celebration with your students this week!

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