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St. Patrick's Day fun in the classroom

Looking for a little luck of the Irish in your classroom,we have rounded up a few cute ideas that are easy to implement in any classroom and will bring lot's of festive cheer!

St. Patrick's Day Activities & Ideas

1. Simple Science making Shamrock Crystals using Borax
Some simple science fun, explore the properties of crystals and scientific procedures
2. Keep Calm and Pinch on
Have students create St. Patrick's Day cards or posters to share around school
3. Creating a textured Shamrock
Use glitter, yarn, tissue paper to create a textured shamrock
4.  Curly beard Leprechaun
Create a leprechaun, have students write adjectives that would describe their leprechaun. Write creative stories introducing their leprechaun to the class.
5. Design and Create your own Leprechaun Trap
Have students design a leprechaun trap, collect recycled items and craft supplies for them to create their trap.

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