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Circles and snowmen!

What to do on those chilly winter days....

We had some fun with our shapes! We worked on writing by practicing our circles...and boy has it been a challenge teaching my little lefty to write...The teacher in me keeps saying stay calm she will get it soon enough....the mommy in me is becoming quite frustrated. We worked on tracing and writing circles in our skills workbook and on her chalkboard, then we went on a circle hunt around the house. She gathered 5 toys from around the house that had a circular shape.....she had a lot of fun gathering her items. This is one of her favorite activities to do. You can play this game with letters and shapes and eventually words as they move on to elementary school.

Kaitlyn used an old aluminum foil roll ( it is best because its diameter isn't too wide) she dipped it into the white paint and then added circles all over her paper ( this was the falling snow :)
To make her snowman I traced three circles onto white paper and cut them out, Kaitlyn put them in order from biggest to smallest and then glued them onto her paper.
She tore strips of white paper into small pieces to cover her snowman. She glued them down with her glue stick. At the end she colored a nose and we added google eyes and a ribbon for a scarf, and black tissue paper for the hat. It was an O' so cute little snowman :)

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