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Loving Imperfection

What I LOVE about this Valentine's burlap door hanger...

1. That is was made for less than $5 (essentially free when you have your dear friend Jen pick up the burlap for you!).
2. That it took less than an hour to make (including dry time). This means that it is a nap time project, and those are my favorite!
3. You can using a sewing machine or a glue gun. So everyone can play!
4. That it is stuffed with plastic grocery bags so you are giving the planet a Valentine too!
5. And most importantly, nothing about it is perfect. The heart isn't a perfect cut. I butchered the burlap so badly (trying to cut the heart) that the back is made of our two panels glued together. The white paint used to resemble stitches are imperfect. I couldn't find my candy cane ribbon from Christmas so I cut two pieces of leftover cloth. I could go on and on, but you get the point. I embraced imperfection several years ago, and it is quite nice. I used to be pretty crazy about things being perfect as a child (just ask my mom), but as soon as I started teaching that all went out the window. Hang around kids for a good portion of your day and you will realize that they don't care about things being perfect. They just want to learn, create, and have fun!

Also working on making some Valentine's for Mack's buddies. Going to fill the cellophane bags with animal crackers.

He's wild about applesauce, can you tell? He even uses it as hair product.

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