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Lil Sprouts June Activity Day

Our lil sprouts were so excited to come and play with us this weekend!
We had lots of new faces join us this week, kids from as young as 9months to 5 years old. It was so much fun to see them so excited to play.
We set up the tent for our lil sprouts to explore, they made their own camping lanterns, learned all about trees, used their math skills to make their own trail mix snack and participated in a backyard scavenger hunt.
Amanda and I feel so blessed to get to share our love of science and education with the littlest members of our community.

Our Activities

One of our activities was all about our "Tree"mendous trees. We had a few samples of branches and stumps that were sliced from large trees for our lil sprouts to take a closer look at. We showed them the patterns and the rings. They learned how a tree gains a ring as it grows each year, we showed them the knots in the tree "cookies" We talked a little about decay and how we use trees.Each of our lil sprouts got their very own tree "cookie" necklace. They used their little fingers to make little thumbprint insects. We had little red ladybugs and tiny black ants....and some of our littlest sprouts were able to do their entire hand.

Our next activity was creating a kid friendly camping lantern. We used clear plastic tumblers from Walmart and hot glued a red bandana ribbon for a handle and around the rim of the tumbler. Our lil sprouts learned about colors, red, yellow and orange and even saw how red and yellow blend to make orange. The glued their tissue paper flames onto a thin strip of construction paper. They slid this into the bottom of their lantern. They added a flameless candle into the bottom and Viola! Their very own kid friendly lantern perfect for a backyard camp out or even a night light next to their bed.

 Our little campers practiced their math skills by counting out trail mix. There were 5 different items. Each lil sprout counted out 10 of each item and placed it in their bag. When they were done they had practiced counting by 1's and 10's and had a yummy snack perfect for any camp out!

Our last activity was a fun scavenger hunt. We created a smaller version of our Camping activity Pack which is on sale this week in my store.  The lil sprouts had to find several items around the yard that were on their scavenger hunt. They immediately were off trying to check off every item. We were so excited to hear the conversations between the lil sprouts and their parents. The learning that was taking place was astounding. The little ones were building vocabulary, the 2 year olds were using context clues to find items, the 3 and 4 year olds were following a list and the 5 year olds were off to the races trying to find each item as quickly as they could. It was a great learning opportunity for all ages.

To keep up the exploration and learning at home our lil sprouts got their very own bug catchers. They had nets and tweezers to pick up those icky bugs.
We were so glad all of our campers came out to learn with us. We even were able to get all of our activities in before the rain came. 
We hope that you will join us for the next lil sprouts event!

We didn't get a picture with everyone but we did get a few lil sprouts together for one before everyone headed off.

A Huge Thanks to My great Friend Darcey who helped out with our lil sprouts today! 
You are the best!

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  1. Featuring you today! :)

    Ginger @ Ginger Snap Crafts


  2. Thanks so much! We are so honored to be among your favorites :)

  3. Great event! Having a kids bug party. Where did you purchase the take home bug catchers and nets?

  4. Thanks so much we had a fabulous time creating it! We found our bug catchers at the dollar tree for $1.


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