Friday, June 22, 2012

How a Bird Uses its Beak

It's no secret that I'm a bit terrified of birds. Long story short, my brother is a typical older brother, and a bird might have gotten stuck in my ponytail as a child. I'm trying to let bygones be bygones with birds and my brother, and that leads me to this great science lab for kids! Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of birds. Their beauty, their melodic songs, their sweet little nests, and of course their purpose in our world. This is a really fun and hands on way to teach children the all about how a bird uses its beak.

Whether you are doing this lab at home or in a classroom, you should definitely be able to round up the materials needed with a quick trip to the pantry. This is a fun way of showing kids that the size and shape of a bird's beak allows it to pick up different types of food items. They will also see that animals have to make adaptations to survive in their environment. Visit my Teachers Pay Teachers site for a direction page, student response sheet, and the cute cup labels.

Kids will have a chance peck for food using items such as tweezers and straws to take the place for a beak. It's great to see a child understand that the bird's food choice, and beak shape and size have something to do with one another.

Just another wonderfully creative way to teach children to love and appreciate the great outdoors. We are packing our bags and looking forward to our BIG camp out on Saturday with our Lil Sprouts! We can't wait to share with you some other wilderness wonders this weekend!


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