Saturday, June 9, 2012

Teachable Taco Night

Last night we enjoyed the quintessential summer evening at our house. Good friends, loud kids, and an easy dinner on the back porch. Summer is that special season that you can let bed times pass by, a sprinkler pass as a bath, and enjoy these few months that make you remember the joys of childhood. We had two crafty little girls in our mix last night so while they were waiting patiently to hit the taco bar, they decorated their tortillas. I gave them a couple of shallow bowls of slightly watered down food coloring and a bucket of cookie cutters. They dipped their favorite shapes in the colored water and started decorating. They are at the perfect age to identify the shapes and even tell you the beginning sounds of the words. You could take it a step farther and give them a Q-tip dipped in colored water to write the word on their tortilla.

We're enjoying these fun lazy summer days and always looking ways to make learning fun for our Lil Sprouts!


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