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Monster Valentine's Day Holder

Many of you are looking for ideas for your Valentine's card exchange, So I wanted to share one of my faves. I just love everything about these Monster Valentine's Card holders. They are perfect for a Valentine's Card exchange, and super fun to make. When I taught first grade I struggled to come up with a fun card holder year after year, they either fell off of the back of the chair or the students struggled to fill them and Valentine's ended up everywhere!

This Holder is made from the new Paper towel holders from Kleenex....
If you haven't tried them they are quite fabulous. We found ours at Target and emptied the box (saving them of course to use in our bathroom.)

They are tall and sturdy and the prefect size for a Valentine's Card holder. The opening is great for little hands to drop their Valentines Cards in and they sit perfectly on a desk without falling over or needing to be tied down.

To decorate the one below we used felt pieces from our local craft store.
 I cut the large hearts and my little one glued them down and added the stickers.

For the classroom the expense of felt might not be practical so substituting construction paper is just fine. In our Primary Valentine's Day Activity Pack you can get the templates and directions to make these with your class.

For any of you last minute planners out there (....like me) Take a look at our FREEBIE Candy Hearts Math activity. We hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day with your students!

Click HERE for the FREEBIE

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