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Mommy Craft Morning: Will you be My Valentine?

Sometimes mommies need a play date, right?  Thank you to Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod, and other children's stores for jump starting our creativity.  When we saw these adorable chair backpacks for Valentine's Day, we couldn't resist plugging in the glue guns and making some with love for our little ones.

White felt (2 1/2 sheets per envelope)
Red felt (to make the hearts or embellishments)
Red rick rack
Stencils and paint or adhesive letters
Red grosgrain ribbon

Coton Colors is a local company and we're thankful for the cheer that they bring to our homes each season!

Step One:

Using stencils or adhesive letters, personalize one piece of the white felt.

Step Two:

Make a triangle stencil out of cardboard to use for your envelope flap.  The flap should be the length of the felt when turned horizontally.  Glue the longest triangle edge to the top of one of your pieces of felt (see below).  On your second piece of felt, trim a little bit off of the top so that it lays under your envelope flap nicely.  Lift flap up and put glue on the perimeter of the first piece of felt.  Now lay down your second piece of felt on top.  Trust us it's not as complicated as this sounds.  You are making an envelope remember!  You can't mess up unless you glue it shut.  Then no candy for you!

Step Three:

 Once you've personalized your envelopes and assembled them, it's time to add rick rack and felt hearts, or anything you would like. 

Step Four:

Your final step is to add four pieces of red grosgrain ribbon to the back of the envelope.  Glue them on to create a backpack of sorts for your chair.  Now tie two bows.

This is a perfect project for a group of friends (young and old), or even for a class to do together.  You could easily make these out of paper and Elmer's glue too!

Have fun making them, and wait for your sweeties to fill them up with goodies in a couple of weeks!

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