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Mother's Day Memories

Each year around this time I've made it a tradition to sit down and reflect on all of the reasons that I love and cherish my mom and the joy she brings to our lives. I write in a journal to her, and it has been passed back and forth for over a decade. The journal has laid on my sorority house bed (the same room my mom lived in 30 years prior), was mailed to me yearly in Washington, D.C. for my additions, traveled back south and saw a wedding under oak trees, and I now write in it each year as a mom myself. I love the idea of journaling about relationships so much that I started a journal the day I found out I was pregnant with Mack. I tear up every time I look back at the funny things he did or said, and the prayers I wrote down in times of complete frustration and absolute bliss. We hope that you will make it a Mother's Day tradition in your house to reflect on your role as a mother. What a wonderful way to capture the happenings of the world around you as your children grow and change throughout the years. If your children are old enough have them reflect back on their year each Mother's Day. Share their smiles, laughs, memories and excitement for the year ahead. Be sure to add pictures to capture your little ones as they grow. Use the images below to start your own journaling tradition with your family.

 It's also a great time of year to give yourself a little pampering. You might not make it out of the house for a day of beauty, but you can bring the spa to you! Here is a simple recipe for some super luxurious sugar scrub. Even your littlest of helpers can help to make a batch.

Small glass jars with seal tight lids
24oz of organic cane sugar crystals
7oz of baby oil
a few drops of of an essential oil (we used lemon)

Simply mix sugar crystals, baby oil and essential oil into a large mixing bowl.  Scoop into glass jars and decorate. We trimmed ours with a yellow ribbon and a custom sticker. You can get your custom sticker below.

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