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Make snack time learning time with a patriotic snack

  We decided to pack our kids up today and take a little adventure. We went to a local blueberry farm near the Wacissa River. There were so many blueberries! Our kids each got a gallon bucket and were encouraged to fill it up, neither one of their buckets ever had more than a few berries at a time because they spent their time eating them...once my 1 year old discovered he could just walk right up to a bush sit down and eat, it was all over. 
I think in order to get their money from us they should have weighed my son when he arrived and then again when he left.

This was such a neat experience for my four year old to see where our food comes from, the owner of the property talked to her about how they cared for the bushes and even showed her how they take little "suckers" from the plant to make new ones. She saw blackberries and blueberries growing straight from the Earth.
 We took those berries home and since we have a whole gallon of them we brainstormed some ways to use all those blueberries, Kaitlyn loves them in oatmeal and on cereal, her daddy is looking forward to a fresh blueberry pie and I can't wait to make some of Amanda's homemade lemon blueberry bread.
But before all that we decided to turn snack time into math time.

To get in the spirit of Memorial Day we decided to go patriotic with our snack. I used my star shape cookie cutter to cut some star watermelon while Kaitlyn rinsed and cleaned the blueberries. She played around making different patterns focusing on A-B-A-B patterns as well as A-BB-A-BB patterns. She was learning and exploring all at the same time, making snack time learning time!

Blueberry Springs

383 Wacissa Springs Road, Wacissa, FL 32361.
Phone: 850-997-1238.
Open: Now Open, May 12, 2012, Tuesday through Sunday, from 7 am to 12 pm and 5 pm to 8 pm; Closed Mondays; We will be open through mid July, 2012
Bring Cash! 1 gallon of berries is $12

Do yourself a favor and pack a picnic lunch, go blueberry picking and then go dip your toes in the Wacissa River.

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  1. I would love to go blueberry picking!! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower!
    Hope you had a great day!


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