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Mother's Day Memories with your little ones

Mothers Day is just around the corner and your little ones are just looking for a creative way to show  how much they love you and appreciate all you do. Make some memories with your little one by creating this project together.

Coffee Filter Flowers

Have your little one choose three of their favorite colors.
Have them paint 9 coffee filters using the three colors they chose. If your little one wants to combine colors or get a little creative with the paint encourage it, there is no way to go wrong with these beautifully imperfect buds. Once the coffee filters are done being painted allow them to dry in a  sunny spot outside. Once they are dry take three different coffee filters and stack them on top of each other, pinch the bottom and twist till your filters resemble a flower, twist a pipe cleaner around the base to secure it in place. Add some ruffled green ribbon around the base of your bloom for leaves. Put into a vase and you are all set with a beautiful vase of flowers for Mother's Day. I don't know about you but I would much rather see these on my kitchen counter than a cheesy arrangement from the local florist.

To make a colorful vase like the one seen above check out our recent post on Upcycled Herb Gardens

Hand prints & Memories That will last a lifetime

I don't know about you but I feel like ever since I became a mom my life has been stuck on fast forward. I brought my beautiful baby girl home from the hospital and  all of a sudden I woke up and she turned 4 and had turned into a real little person with opinions and feelings and is getting ready for her first dance recital in a few weeks. When did that happen? I welcomed my son into our family a year ago and now I feel like life is moving twice as fast. I find myself stealing a few more kisses and snuggling a few minutes longer knowing that these moments are going to fade way too fast. Pretty soon I will be helping my daughter navigate her first heartache and teaching my son how to drive. But for now I am going to take each moment as they come and try to appreciate every second. Even the messy, hectic imperfect ones....because I know all too soon they will become memories instead of moments. So take a moment this Mother's Day and give yourself a gift. Make this Handprint with your little one, I promise you will look back on it always and cherish the fun you had. This mother's Day take a moment to enjoy your little ones, because they won't be little for long.

Have your little one make a hand print using some craft paint and a piece of paper, print out the poem below onto 4X6 photo paper, put both into a double 4X6 frame. Add this to your vase of flowers and you will have a perfect gift for Mother's Day a gift you will cherish and a heart full of memories you made getting creative with your little ones.

While your kids warm your heart with their handmade gifts and breakfast in bed your husband doesn't get off the hook quite that easy. If you are looking for some unique gifts, here are a few of my favorites from ETSY. I love the idea of Mother jewelry but I am not a big fan of traditional pieces, so I found a few unique ones on ETSY that I absolutely adore.


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