Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Whale of a Time - End of the Year Memories

We're wrapping things up in my classroom, which is always a bittersweet time of year for me. I imagine all teachers are looking forward to the summer months and some time for rejuvenation. However, I also get a little teary as I send my fifth graders off to middle school. Each year I try to really allow time for my students to reflect on not only this school year, but their elementary journey. I put together a memory book that we are working on now in class, and it is fun to hear their favorite parts of the school year. This book is really applicable to any elementary age and can be found on my Teachers Pay Teachers site. The short time that it takes to recall sweet memories of these elementary days, will be captured in this book for years to come. I always share with my students that I still look back at things that I made in elementary school and have such fond memories of those years. In their memory book students have been writing about their day to day life as student, about their "faves" (5th grader code for favorites) this year, about our school, their teachers, what they're nervous about for next year, and even drawing a self portrait using similes and metaphors. In the end we bind it with a hole punch and some cute ribbon and it's like a tiny time capsule of the year. Another special end of the year tradition that I really take pride in is writing a letter to each of my students. One of encouragement and words that will challenge them to be the best person and student that they can be. I tuck this in the back of their memory book so that they will always know how much I believe in them. Happy end of the school year to you hard working teachers, and to the students that you create precious moments for!


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